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Should Raw Emotions Rule Game of the Year Awards?

With Game of the Year awards galore, Journey and The Walking Dead earned an awful lot of superior praise in 2012. Yet the core gameplay of each was anything but revolutionary. Should overall best-of awards take every aspect of a gaming experience into account, or are emotions enough to become true trump cards? (Culture, Journey, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 "A New Day")

jyang  +   755d ago
This post is going to be a multidirectional mess.

At risk of sounding like a pretentious dolt, video writing has been lagging a bit behind other major media, such as film and literature, if only because it's the younger of the bunch. We have a lot of catching up to do, and we can't stand on the shoulders of giants because this specific media is so much more radically different than the others.

We may be oversimplifying it a bit by framing it as raw emotion, though, because the term 'raw emotion' is indicative of an irrational sensation which can often clash with the sheer amount of effort involved in craft that narrative.

Likewise, I think you bring up a pretty good point regarding our priorities when you insinuate that we ('we' in the large, broader, community) inflate the value of story. Personally, I believe story should be the primary strength of a game, but story is tied centrally to how the game functions.

Perhaps because we've grown up with an industry that focused for the longest time over providing a set of key interactive components rather than attempting to approach it on intrinsic grounds we've started to really look at resonance. Maybe that resonance is what's key, not the emotions themselves.

TheMrFraz  +   755d ago
A beautiful answer so unlike a typical Internet comment. Much appreciated, my friend. Thanks for reading.
jyang  +   754d ago
I much appreciate the reply.

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