PlayStation 4 could capitalize on Wii U's incompetence

PlayStation 4 will most likely be debuting this coming year, and for Nintendo, that could be a bad thing given its limitability.

According to a report from GamesIndustry on Wednesday, Ben There's Dan Marshall said the tech within the Nintendo Wii U is not very good.

"I don't think the tech behind it is good enough either. But I will say that the original Wii controller wasn't great technically, either.

"Everyone was expecting it to be 1:1 and it wasn't. Know everyone is expecting the GamePad to be like an iPad, and it's not," Marshall said.

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Neonridr2023d ago

lol, I was never expecting the gamepad to be an ipad. That's what my Ipad is for. I expected the gamepad to be a touchscreen with new control methods for playing games, and that's exactly what it offers.

Sure I can browse the internet on the gamepad, and it's actually quite responsive and intuitive. But I didn't buy a Wii U so I can update my facebook status or twitter. The fact that I can do them is a bonus, but I'll leave the mindless internet browsing to the ipad or desktop computer.

Abash2023d ago

Anyone else notice that when Examiner's Steve Ruygrok writes an article about people talking about next gen, he specifically makes it all about the PS4? Its the most bizarre thing I have ever seen when 99% of the time the article is actually about BOTH upcoming consoles from Sony and MS.

This is just one example, read the article and he could have easily interchanged the title with PS4 or Xbox 720, nowhere does this solely say anything about the PS4

I bet it's a cheap tactic for hits

VegaShinra2023d ago

He puts Xbox 720/PS4 in every headline he gets a chance to. Cheap hit baiting. Hopefully people will learn to avoid this guy in time.

iamnsuperman2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

"lol, I was never expecting the gamepad to be an ipad. That's what my Ipad is for. I expected the gamepad to be a touchscreen with new control methods for playing games, and that's exactly what it offers. "

Which for me is a miss opportunity for Nintendo. They really needed to make the controller extremely portable. Of course this would make things really expensive which makes me think screen in controllers in gaming is not ready yet. The fact you can play Wii U games on the controller is cool but completely unnecessary. Despite economic down turn more families have more than one TV since TVs are extremely cheap. Families do not sit in one room and watch TV anymore. What the Wii U could have done is play Wii U games on the go.

Combine that with extremely cheap, social, games then the Wii U will be flying off the shelves and into the masses hands. I think a big problem is it looks like the Wii U is competing with Ipads and children these days would rather have an Ipad because they can play their angry birds, sims style games anywhere while browsing the internet. The Wii U is limited to the home

It is interesting to have different input methods in games but that is a half step and Nintendo should have taken the full step forward. Also it is up to developers to really use the feature but if the other two console makers do not have screen controllers developers (except first party) are not going to spend extra time using it. It will be relegated to just menus.

Neonridr2022d ago

I agree with some of your points, but saying that playing the game on the controller is unnecessary is completely untrue in my opinion. Yes I have a TV on every floor in the house, but the TV that is set up in my loft is the primary media TV. It's the 55" 3DTV, and that's where we watch our TV shows and movies because it has all the equipment hooked up to it. So being able to allow my wife to watch her reality TV shows or whatever while I can continue to play Black Ops 2 or Trine 2 on the gamepad is huge in my mind.

Obviously the off play feature isn't for everyone, but having the ability to play the game while I lie down in bed, or just to allow the Mrs. to hog the TV is a godsend for me. I wouldn't be playing the system half the time otherwise.

While the gamepad will undoubtedly be judged against things like the iPad just like the 3DS and Vita have to face competition from smartphones as they increase in power and capabilities, I still think they provide different experiences. A console gamer is expecting a little more depth than the latest angry bird or words with friends. The fact that the gamepad can browse the internet, or update your facebook should be considered bonuses, not requirements.

And with your last point, yes it is definitely up to the developers to utilize the gamepad screen effectively. Ubisoft did a great job using it for ZombiU and here's hoping other studios can offer great experiences with it too. Only time will tell of course.

Jadedz2023d ago

Considering Wii U sales, every bit of negative press stings a bit more.

LOL_WUT2023d ago

Well, if you're going to make a gamepad then at least do it right from the get go. Multitouch anyone? This is where Sony/Microsoft end up 1 upping Nintendo. ;)

yabhero2022d ago

Yes, that's brilliant because the WiiUpad is already expensive and a multitouch screen would easily add 50-75 dollars right there

Tei7772022d ago

"50-75 dollars"...... No

DarkHeroZX2022d ago

Lol the vita screen cost about $50 but not because it's multi-touch but because its OLED. The Wii U uses an LCD screen and that's dirt cheap, atleast $10-15 bucks. Cheaper bought in bulk

EddieNX 2022d ago

Why would you need multitouch idiot ? To pinch and zoom like a girl on her glittery iphone ?

Don't be stupid. The wiiu had dual analogue sticks , it's easier and less gimmiky to zoom in by moving the analog stick forward.

Capacative screens have no use what so ever in real gaming. Most smartphones don't have buttons , so you need to be able to pinch and zoom.

The 3DS and Wiiu are both better off without capacative screens. They are button based consoles with secondary touch screens after all.

herbs2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Sony just patented Blu-ray Discs with RF chips in them meaning if you buy a game it will only work on your console once you play it... Now that's innovation!
Hey bro can I borrow your game, oh wait :[
I'm not so sure I enjoy this game I gonna trade it in, oh wait :[
If Sony follows through with this there finished, wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft does the same. All hail Steambox lol ;)

Muerte24942022d ago

don't think for yourself do you? You let the internet do it for you. There has been so much speculation on this simply because it's been the only real news since quarterly reports. The ps3 was suppose to block used games. Did that end up happening, no. They should do what they're doing now with online passes. Lock content, and force the person to pay to unlock them. $10-$15 is reasonable and you're left with two choices, either buy it new, or Gamestop is going to have to drop the prices of they're used games to compete. Either way developers and you win. You get cheaper used games and your favorite studio wont have to shut their door forever.

BitbyDeath2022d ago

'Well, if you're going to make a gamepad then at least do it right from the get go.'

Better yet, how bout no screen at all?

Neonridr2022d ago

multi-touch is useless when the gamepad has all the buttons.

Name one game for the ipad that uses multi-touch other than for zooming in and out.

ElectricKaibutsu2021d ago

People keep saying "multitouch multitouch multitouch" as if multitouch is good for gaming. Haven't you used a multitouch keyboard before? You never noticed how inaccurate poking things with your finger is? It's why we write with pens and pencils and not finger paint.

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Belking2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

Maybe, maybe not. I don't think Nintendo is worried about Sony or MS. They have their audience too.

MsmackyM2022d ago

Microsoft and I hate to say it Sony, could potentially lose big next generation. The situation in Europe is a foreshadow of what's coming to the US. With Europe dealing with it's economic crisis there's not much money families have to spend on non essentials such as gaming. Yeah Nintendo didn't go hogwild with it's specs, but I feel that was a move to remain somewhat still affordable in case the economy doesn't improve. And with having at least a year ahead of Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has that time to continue to make it's case to gamers and families.

If Sony and Microsoft want to make powerful consoles they could potentially price themselves out of the market depending on the state of the economy. Personally I'm looking forward to what Sony has to offer and more than likely pick it up, but I can't say the same for families trying to cut back.

iamnsuperman2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

"The situation in Europe is a foreshadow of what's coming to the US. With Europe dealing with it's economic crisis there's not much money families have to spend on non essentials such as gaming"

The economic situation in Europe is because a few countries are failing (Spain, Italy and mainly Greece) and if they fail it will devalue the Euro which is why there is a lot of money trying to bail these countries out. Apart form those countries who (of course who's people cannot afford luxury items) the rest of Europe is just suffering similar economic problems the world has been suffering since 2007 and that hasn't stopped people buying in Europe £500 Ipads and phones. You will be surprised how people (despite a recession) buy luxury goods. It is usually holidays and things of that nature that suffer

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