The Walking Dead developer wants to work on Star Wars or Half-Life next

Telltale CEO said in an interview that they'd love to do a Star Wars game. He was just speculating on the types of properties his team would like to develop, but another Telltale executive hinted that it is working toward something like Star Wars, Halo, or Half-Life.

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Tolkoto1996d ago

A Half-Life adventure game?? Yes please.

Venox20081996d ago

yeeeeeeeeees please!!!!!!!!!

thorstein1996d ago

I would rather have a Star Wars XCom style game. How sweet would that be?

Root1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )



No thanks, get the hell away from my Half Life, if anyone is going to tell more stories in the HL universe it will be Valve. The reason I like HL is it's story hasn't been expanded in other types of media, it's kept it's self to it's self.

Why don't they move on from point and click games, it's the reason I couldn't get into the Walking Dead. offense, just my opinion but the games arn't that good. Not GOTY material in my opinion.

ThanatosDMC1996d ago

Exactly! Imagine them making a QTE Half Life... they'll kill Half Life series.

Tctczach1996d ago

Haha. You mean that great came that came outin 2004? Maybe an expansion on the universe wouldn't be to bad seeming as the Walking Dead game was better than the show.

Root1996d ago

and the great episodes that came out in 2006 and 2007

How old it is shouldn't matter, it's a great product I don't want their little paws anywhere near the franchise.

camel_toad1996d ago

Crowbar + walking dead format, tons of puzzle options alone right there

camel_toad1996d ago


That'd be great, lots of different team and enemy class possibilities. Saber throw ability ftw.

ATi_Elite1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Keep your FILTHY hands OFF my Half Life!

Only Valve Corp has the physics based thoughts to tell a Half Life story. I just feel anyone else will make some GENERIC story out of Half Life and just dumb it down!

But by all means go have fun with Star Trek or some Vampire stuff or whatever but who the hell wants a QTE Half Life...Not me!

QTE would take all the fun outta the Zero Point Field Manipulator and the Magnusson Device!

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LOL_WUT1996d ago

Star wars, the other ones in the list don't even come close.

biRdy1996d ago

The Star Wars universe is so huge I'm sure they would be able to create a great original story.

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The story is too old to be commented.