DmC: Devil May Cry Under Watch Demo Playthrough

The Under Watch Demo Playthrough of DmC: Devil May Cry.

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vork771876d ago

omg dante is nevel papperman

ShugaCane1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Wooaw...that's colorful... Looks more like Heavenly Sword than Devil May Cry but still seems to be a good beat-em-all though

Hanso1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

I'll be anti-buying this

Blacktric1876d ago

"Hey f**k you!"

-Donte "Has a nice ring to it dontchathink" The Demon Killer

Joking aside, can't wait to see this flop.

Hanso1876d ago

"Joking aside, can't wait to see this flop."

It will be very sad if DmC sells well because this means the next DMC will be again this poor mans DmC -.-

dont let that happen people

TheBlackSmoke1876d ago

Cool story bro

see you on day one

Blacktric1875d ago

Yeah same here.

I'll see you at

frostedjuly1876d ago

Shitty Game, Shitty Developers

oriononer1876d ago

The combat in the first video is just embarrassing. That was a mess. Even if the fighting in this reboot is sub par but competent, videos like this are not helping this game at all. Especially if the person watching is familiar with DMC's combat system. One that could arguably be called the best of all time and has now lost most of what made it special and one of a kind. The way directional inputs and lock on worked in synergy was sublime.

I was so hyped when they added on the fly style changes in DMC4 and was looking forward to seeing where it would go from there. Now it's just this clunky auto aim poo. Auto lock on is soooooo bad. That's my biggest gripe with this game. Bleh.