Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Over 80 Playable Characters

Back in September, CyberConnect2 president Hiroshi Matsuyama mentioned Storm 3 will have more playable characters than it’s predecessor, Storm Generations, which had 72. Namco Bandai Games Europe, in a new press release, has officially announced the game will have over 80 playable characters.

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tayz2055d ago

*prays for Madara*

and BEAST MODE NARUTO! rooooar!!

maximus19852054d ago

my guess:MADARA will be there for sure. im betting the last fight in the game will be naruto fox mode vs tobi and his tailed beasts, this part is during madara vs kages. im willing to bet it will reach this point and end on cliff hangers until next year.

maximus19852054d ago

also tayz i beat you to one naruto post you missed

tayz2054d ago

WHICH ONE!?!?! i was gone all day until like 4PM so ppl beat me to it -_-'

maximus19852054d ago

just click on my comment history

Y_51502053d ago

I witness that. :P

Irishguy952054d ago

Beast mode will likely be in, I just hope it isn't the last boss fight. They may completely skip Madara's fight and appearance and end it at...What? Hopefully atleast Kabuto versus Sasuke. Sasuke has to have something to do sure.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2054d ago

I'm kinda worried that Omoi won't be in it. You'd think they'd have announced him by now if he were...

maximus19852054d ago

true omoi and his partner that sword girl dont look like they will make the cut. but who knows because omoi did fight in the war with his moon slice attack so id like to see him make it