Big Pokémon News Coming For North America Next Week

Big Pokémon news is headed to both Japan and North America next week.

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Abash1994d ago

Only exciting if it's Pokemon Generation 6

TheSuperior 1994d ago

lol good call but I always tend to be a generation 1 kind of person but still a pokemon fan in general despite generation; never really lost feeling for them. want to hear the announcement regardless of what generation it will be centered around. Unfortunately i never got into black or white 2 but always have an ear up when it come to pokemon news :)

dark-hollow1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Honestly I think from the third generation onward, the pokemons designs got much more creative and interesting than the first two generation which played it safe with their designs.

Sure you got the occasional ice cream cone and chandelier, but even the first generation had it own share of generic designs like voltrob and magnemite.

To each his own I guess.

Quetzll1994d ago

I used to consider myself a "gen 1 and 2" guy. just this past year i played gen 3 and 5.
never played B1 or W1. but black 2 is leagues beyond gen 1 and 2 in terms of content and quality.

not to mention you can still use gen 1 pokes in B2&W2 but with more moves/abilities

for real though, if you like pokemon, end the predetermined analysis that is "its just not the same as gen 1" and check it out. its everything special about gen 1 but with much much more content.

vallencer1994d ago

I want a Pokemon snap >.> or a Pokemon mmo those would be exciting.

born2live1994d ago

I see great potential for a Pokemon based AR card game on the 3DS... Bring your fights to life!

Hanso1994d ago

POKEMANZ gotta catch em all

Chrono1994d ago

News! Another Pokemon game! Didn't see that coming.

LOL_WUT1994d ago

I know right? Who would've known? ;)

AWBrawler1994d ago

Wait till the announcement. It could be an app for Wii u for all you know

Summons751994d ago

I know it's highly unlikely but I'm slightly hoping for Pokemon WiiU. All the magic of the handheld games on the WiiU in full 3d and traditional view on the wii pad.

but I know this is only a dream.

Proeliator1994d ago

Coliseum and Gale of Darkness were so ridiculously underrated.

I want full adventures, not just battles like in some of the others!

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The story is too old to be commented.