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Submitted by aHong 1135d ago | news

Square Enix Developers Explain Lightning’s New Look

Some fans voiced their concern over Lightning's new look in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy VIII. The developers explain why Lightning looks the way she does, as well as getting into some more details on the story. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Square Enix, Xbox 360)

j-blaze  +   1135d ago
i like Lightning so whatever she wears is cool by me...also, the article has a lot of typos lol
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Kratoscar2008  +   1135d ago

Please dont even joke to taint FFVIII legacy with Lightning garbage.

I dont like Lightning so whatever she wears i dont for the life of me care.
Kevin ButIer  +   1135d ago
u sir made my day. bubbles for u
Kratoscar2008  +   1135d ago
I loved FF8 and its very hard to find people that love it we indeed are a rare breed.
Myst  +   1135d ago
Yeah the people who seem to love FF8 are few and far between I rather enjoyed it and would love to go through it once more.
Blastoise  +   1135d ago
The whole game reminds me of an assassins creed RPG, with a Final fantasy title
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DragonKnight  +   1135d ago
I would rather they explain why this game takes precedence over Versus XIII when no one asked for that.
yaz288  +   1135d ago
versus seem to be a hack and slash game .. so why is it that the ff fans are so exited about it? (since it doesn't look like a traditional ff rpg )
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DragonKnight  +   1135d ago
It's quite simple. The combat may be very Kingdom Hearts like, but everything else about it seems very Final Fantasy. MUCH more than the FFXIII Trilogy. Plus, it's a spin-off so that gives it some leeway to try out new things without people expecting it to be attached to the main series. It's not like a sequel or a reboot that's trying to cash-in on the name. People see Versus XIII and they actually see Final Fantasy. People look at 13-3 and... well they don't.
AdmiralSnake  +   1135d ago
Final Fantasy Versus is not a traditional Final fantasy game and it's completely different.

They have videos with them in tanks....shooting while in combat ? Really now ? Much like FF huh ?

Granted, from what I've seen the game is gorgeous and it looks great. However saying it's much more like Final Fantasy than the trilogy ? Hell no.

It has a much darker tone and it's been said...plenty of times it will be much different from any FF game that has ever came out.

The only thing that to me has FF in the fact that they said it will be completely open world and there's an airship, they have never shown that on video, but that's what was stated. <----..... that is NOTHING and that drifts even further from Final Fantasy than the lightning trilogy. has a lot of action in it. I don't see what you're talking about, I'll care to hear your opinion on it though.

Actually idk WHY he got so many degrees. There's so much Hack and slash going on in that video, also to add he got in a tank...shooting people, you also seen in the video, a dude shooting a gun in 3rd person... LMAO, this site I tell you.
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DragonKnight  +   1135d ago
Gee, an open world, airships, towns to visit, people to talk to, staples like chocobos and Cid, yeah that's not at ALL like Final Fantasy. But a linear corridor, time travel, and auto-battle is soooooo Final Fantasy. /s

AdmiralSnake, seriously you need to stop and really take a look at Final Fantasy. Completely, in-depth. Frickin' emulate the games if you have to but really play them. Final Fantasy XIII and its two sequels are not Final Fantasy. Versus XIII may have Kingdom Hearts combat but it seems to be what FFVII would be like if it were created this gen instead of during the PS1 era. FF Versus XIII has the same visual feel to it that FFVII does, in FFVII you have submarine fights and motorcycle fights, Versus XIII has so much about it that's like Final Fantasy. FFXIII doesn't look like ANY FF game ever made, none of them do. FFXIII-2 is a patchwork of other games, and so far Lightning Returns looks to be the same thing. Of course, Versus XIII has had no information in so long that it could either not exist or turn out completely different, but that video you linked looks like a better game than the entire FFXIII trilogy, and you can clearly see how FFVII and Nomura's link with that game influenced the design.
ayabrea93  +   1135d ago
final fantasy has always been about reinvention, whether it be a medieval setting like the first 5 or steam punk like 6 and 7. What's really exciting people about versus is its tone, noir setting, world map, characters and the promise of a tragic and dark story.The type of gameplay pretty much doesn't matter when it comes to these things.
ayabrea93  +   1135d ago
final fantasy has always been about reinvention, whether it be a medieval setting like the first 5 or steam punk like 6 and 7. What's really exciting people about versus is its tone, noir setting, world map, characters and the promise of a tragic and dark story.The type of gameplay doesn't matter as much when it comes to these things in a final fantasy.
(sorry about the double post)
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yaz288  +   1135d ago
I ve never played kh but I played crisis core ff7 and it is what I think versus is going to be like ..but more open in the combat.

by looking to the trailers of versus I am just amazed how fancy.. or ambitious it feels. the music, the cgi , story and setting ..etc (the game looks perfect already )

the only ff games I ve played are crisi core, ff7 and ff13 (I didn't like 13 mainly because I was expecting allot from a game which took 5 year in development. Also how bad the voice acting was + moving in linear lines like a racing game was annoying )
13-3 feels like AC more than ff .. but I still think its cool but are those the guys that are working on versus? if so then that is different story.
AdmiralSnake  +   1135d ago

You have never played this game in your entire life, that's for one. Also, I've PLAYED Final Fantasy games, hence why I'm commenting to a response you made.

No, let me tell you what I suggest YOU DO.

You can stop being so damn bias. I want Versus to come out and I WANNA PLAY IT, just as much as anybody else wants to. Let me make this clear though, I'm NOT gonna do what you do, and act as if Versus will be the best damn Final fantasy game ever, or say this is how it should be.

No, Nomura is creating Final Fantasy Versus to be completely different than all of the others. You was incorrect on it saying and I quote "very Final Fantasy."

Versus only had ONE GAMEPLAY trailer, and that combat system is NOTHING like Final Fantasy. We saw only two environments in that entire gameplay trailer. The most hilarious thing about your comment, is the fact you would trash Lightning to the ground, but you didn't trash Versus about having a damn tank ? shooting a gun in 3rd person ?

Gee, an open world, airships, towns to visit, people to talk to, staples like chocobos and Cid, yeah that's not at ALL like Final Fantasy. But a linear corridor, time travel, and auto-battle is soooooo Final Fantasy.

Question, did we ever see any chocobos in that gameplay trailer ? Did we see any of what you said in that trailer ? We saw only two environments dude.

You BASH square enix on these articles for anything that they say, but all of the sudden you believe them when it comes to versus ? Lol ? Does that make any sense dude ?

You're a joke, I don't need to emulate any Final Fantasy games. I played enough to know what I'm talking about here.

I have no idea on how people trash the combat system in 13, but praising the system in versus, when we saw hack and slash, and the screen was all over the place which IMO needs to be fixed.

To end my comments, Versus is a gorgeous game and I'm sure it will be great. I'm not gonna sit here though and make up bullshit which you did. All of this is talk until we see some gameplay. We never seen an airship or anything of what you said yet, Versus has only ONE gameplay trailer and I posted the link for anybody who chooses to watch it. IF anything, Versus is just as far the traditional FF as the lightning trilogy by your standards. Plus to add, the combat system is very hack and slash and we haven't seen anything about the story.

"Versus XIII has so much about it that's like Final Fantasy." <--- All I seen dude was hack and slash, gorgeous graphics and two good looking environments, he jumped in a tank and shot someone, and one of the characters you can shoot in 3rd person. <--- What Final Fantasy Game.....does this ? Oh that's right none.

Listen, pick your argument and stand by it. Versus looks nothing like any of the Final Fantasy Games, it plays nothing like any of the previous Final Fantasy Games. Your argument is flawed and bias. However FF Versus IMO looks to be a damn great game.


Nah, the team that did the Kingdom Hearts games will be working on Versus, Nomura is the lead designer/director on it also.
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Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1135d ago
I don't know, Versus looks very final fantasy to me. The setting reminds me of something FF7-ish. Yeah there's 3rd person shooting in it, but the game still looks good. That is the fine line difference at the end of the day. Versus looks promising while Lightning Returns does not, in my opinion of course.
baodeus  +   1135d ago
@ dragonknight

1. So FF13 isn't anything like FF10? I don't think you play FF10 then, which i though was one of the top highly regarded FF title. Go ahead and describe the difference in summoning (and how they are used) gameplay and leveling, mode of locomotion, the exploration aspect of it, level design, iconic characters, etc..

2. If FFVS13 doesn't want to cap on FF name, it should take on a different name then(kingdom heart for example) because right now it doesn't look anything like previous FF. It is hack and slash gameplay ( even have 3rd person perspective for shooting). If it is just about open world, towns, npc, mode of locomotion, then many open world game can also be considered as an FFGame including WRPG. And with that said, FF13-2 have everything you mentioned as what make a game FF (town, npc, open, iconic characters like chocoho, cactuar, moogle, etctcc..minisidegames, etc...). Again, go ahead and describe why FF13 isn't like FF10, or how FF13-2, which have everything u mentioned beside a slightly faster turn base battle mechanism, isn't FF but a game which only have some description, trailers that doesnt resemble any previous FF, and even regard as "spin off" by you is a traditional FF game? You have nothing to back you up except your consistent bashing out of ignorances like many wounded PS fan after FF13 becomes multiplatform.
Submarines, bike fight are small side games, not the actual signature battle system of the the entire FF game which should be turn base turn base. FF13 is a faster battle system but still turn base. FFvs13 is a full on hack and slash even have 3rd person shooter element (and here you and many others complaining about FF13 trying to be westernized?). It sure looks more like COD then the FF13 trilogy. The only example that you come up with is that it "LOOKS LIKE" FF7, when all FF games have their own story and Fantasy-ish settings?

so one series slightly alter the traditional FF series and it consider not FF, but a game that totally change the game play is?

I don't think you even play FF13 after hearing it lost EXCLUSIVE. U just go on ape shi&%$, with the hate band wagon, and showing that you just a fanboy and a hypocrite while u are at it.
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Irishguy95  +   1134d ago
Ok Admiral snake lemme explain to you.

FF versus has

Most importantly
-A world map
-Vehicles/Airships/Chocobo&am p;am p;am p;#3 9;s to travel this map
-It has Summon hunting, one of the best things about FF8
- Characters - From what we've seen, they are very normal. Nothing over the top like FFXiii, Nomura was not lying when he said Noctis is not an Emo.

Compare Versus dialogue to FFXIII and you'll see a shocking lack of melodrama that ruined the characters of FFXIII for me.

-Story, can't comment much on this we don't know a whole lot, but from what we do know it seems awesome atm

-Art direction, dear god ~ Beautiful, the only issue I have is character design and even then it is better than 13
It's KH, KH with some new tricks including third person shooting, and what is seemingly epic limit breaks + Teleportation. Noctis in the original trailer when his eyes turn red? Nomura said that's what you do when Noct activates his Limit break(known as EX arts) Everyone likes this. So there is no problem. Combat system is not the problem with FFXIII no matter how any cuts it, the problem is they did not utilize the combat system till 25-30 hours in the game. It ended up boring and ****/

Edit---oh also, you can use EVERY character in your party. They also all play differently. And switch which one you are using on the fly(so much so that you can get a chain combo by using them all to help each other attack)

If you read up on the games info from some site, you will see why people are excited about it. Even this wiki has a decent amount of info on it

I'll explain the difference between X and 13.

FF13 had nothing but combat the entire time. Nothing else. And never any breaks from combat

FFX had lots of breaks from combat, be it towns, Blitzball, Temples.

FFX had a way way better story and characters, and way way better music. The comabt system was miles better too, the sphere grid was horribly downgraded for FFXIII. FFX also had area's to return to that you previously didn't explore.
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Omnislash  +   1135d ago

After reading your comment I have become thoroughly convinced that you were either a) born with an extra chromosome. b) were dropped on your head as a baby. c) Your mother smoked crack while she was pregnant with you. d) you smoked crack prior to writing your comment e) or all of the above.

Anyone that believes FFX is the same as FF13 is seriously a retard and deserves a Darwin award.
aHong  +   1135d ago
My apologies to everyone. Having written the article, I will make sure to fix the Roman numerals ASAP. I never was good at those :P (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII)
Wintersun616  +   1135d ago
I'd rather hear why this game is even being made. Who asked for this? Anyone else but jblaze?
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1135d ago
I did I want closure.
Wintersun616  +   1135d ago
Well let's just hope that this game does bring closure then.
El_Assenso  +   1135d ago
Don't think we'll get closure. Not with Toriyama and Wada pulling the strings. These men have tarnished the Final Fantasy franchise. Each entry into the FF series is unique, something completely different, new story, new characters etc. For some stupid reason they decied to go emo this gen and ruin everything.

The only good thing about Square Enix is Tetsuya Nomura. Why doesn't he just leave and set-up his own JRPG making game company. I'm pretty sure he'll have more pull than the 20th sequel to Final Fantasy 13.

Fans want FF Versus 13 but they ignore the fans and make 2 sequels that a lot of FF fans don't care about. Square Enix have followed Crapcom's model of how to fail...don't listen to fans!
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1135d ago
Red is my favorite color.

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