2013 Games You Think Will Suck But Won't

There are a lot of games to be excited about this year. Games like BioShock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto 5 have been showered with praise since they were first announced and have been steadily racking up pre-orders. Not every big release in 2013 is so eagerly anticipated, though. Some are downright dreaded.

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Seraphemz1905d ago

WTF is with all these damn "2013 games that..." "top 2013 games..." articles....

must be a slow news day.

EvilCackle1905d ago

Doesn't have anything to do with how much news there is. This always happens at the start of a new year.

dedicatedtogamers1905d ago

The title should have been "2013 games where the game developers have strayed so freakin' far from the series roots that it looks nothing like the games you've grown to love".

HammadTheBeast1905d ago

DmC: Devil May Cry developer Ninja Theory believes that they have created an experience that will not only be accessible to newcomers, but also still challenging for the hardcore.

In an interview with OXM, combat designer Rahni Tucker explained:

When I looked at videos of pro-players playing the old DmCs, they’re always in the air, they’re always juggling enemies around, and doing stuff that most of us look at and think ‘I have no idea how that works’.

We wanted to take that magic the pro-players could create and give more casual players a bit of that feeling. A bit extra hang-time, more aerial moves, the launch button is a single press without a lock-on.

In addition, Capcom game director Hideaki Itsuno lamented the fact that interest in the franchise has waned over the years, saying that this new layer of accessibility will hopefully reignite widespread interest in DmC. “As the series has gone we’ve seen new users die out, as it took longer to get into it,” he said.

“When it came time to make DMC 4, with the new hero and new moves, new techniques and skills, not many new fans entered the series. But with this new DmC, you can take the techniques built up during the old series, and the bar to entry for new users is very low,” Itsuno added. “Both old and new fans will be able to enjoy the game, and I’m very proud of them.”

Meh, pass.

Tokyo_reject1905d ago

Who the hell thinks XCOM is going to suck...????
Also all the Splinter Cell games ive played have NEVER isnt better then the other, but none sure SC fans would ive never heard someone say that game "Might" suck....

Hufandpuf1905d ago

Splinter Cell Conviction was a letdown

Tokyo_reject1905d ago

I agree, it was a letdown...but it was far from "Sucked" lol, i wouldnt have finished it lol

FarCryLover1821904d ago

I am the biggest SC fan there is and I am here to tell you that SC Essentials was not the greatest and Conviction made me cry how they killed my favorite game series. Just like how they killed Ghost Recon.

Syntax-Error1904d ago

Suck means I have no motivation in finishing it. Kinda like Resistance 3. Ghost Recon I finished, but that game changed so much that I said I can't play this anymore. It was THAT bad. Even looking at what they showed at E3 to what the finished product was is enough to tell you they had no clue what they were doing. The cutscenes were terrible and voice actors were atrocious. They had an African warlord with a hispanic accent(same voice actor). Graphics looked just like GRAW2 and that game was like 4 years older. UbiSoft really took a backseat with that shit

FarCryLover1821904d ago

Oh, I didn't mean it sucked. It was still a fun and good game, but not what I want nor expect from a Splinter Cell title and that is why it disappointed me.

Ghost Recon future soldier is fun too, but not what I wanted.

DevilVergilX1905d ago

Dmc probably wont suck but still doesnt interest me. I played the demo and it was too damn easy even on SoS mode... probably wait till gold edition comes out and then borrow it from my friend or youtube the movies since its more story then gameplay.

HammadTheBeast1905d ago

It's not Devil May Cry, just the sticker on it.

zeroskie1905d ago

There's only 5 games on this list. Where are the other 2008?

smashcrashbash1905d ago

Premature negativity. That is why I love this gen. A game sucks before you even play it. Like people trying to already say why Last of Us will suck. Lame generation of gamers.

Hingle_Mcringleberry1905d ago

I don't think anybody has ever said that. . .and been allowed to live.

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