Demon’s Souls coming to European PSN

We already knew that Demon's Souls would be coming to the North American PSN, but we now know it's coming to Europe as well.

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NastyLeftHook01966d ago

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MrDead1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Be wary of trap ahead!... please recommend this message!

Looks like the disagreers aren't Demon's Souls players

brish1965d ago

"Praise the sun!"

Wrong game! ... oh who am I kidding, Dark Souls could never be considered a wrong game in any context!

MAJ0R1965d ago

So are the servers going back online then?

Nevers1965d ago

As far as I know they never went off. Atlus kept them going for us... at least for NA.

Blacktric1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

"at least for NA."

That's the only region they are in charge of anyway. Namco Bandai is in charge of European servers (which won't go offline for at least another year after NA servers go down due to late European release) and Sony Japan is in charge of Japanese region servers. So you can get any other two versions and keep playing online. Although there isn't much activity going in European servers as far as I know.

Nevers1965d ago

Nice to know they are keeping it active. Good on ya for those specifics. That's really cool cuz I want to try out the MP now that I've finally platinum'd it (which essentially led me to playing offline a majority of the time.)

MAJ0R1964d ago

Are you serious? I was in the belief that they were gone a LONG time ago... I remember an article saying they were going down May 31, just researched now and it seems I missed this article.

Irishguy951965d ago

That was changed, they never went off. They were supposed to and then didn't for some reason

brish1965d ago

"... the servers are up indefinitely at this point, with no planned end date."
- Nich Maragos

Flandy1965d ago

I hadn't noticed he replied to my comment :D
Anyway, I guess they really won't be going down anytime soon if they're starting to sell it on PSN

Cam9771965d ago

I have this on disc so this doesn't appeal to me, anyway, Umbasa.

TheSaint1965d ago

This is the best of the two games.

Hey don't do that.

madjedi1965d ago

I'll pass on the digital version, but release dlc to the broken archstone and i'll snap it up immediately.