Sony in talks for virtual MSO service

Variety - Sony Corp. will show off a wide range of new products at next week's Consumer Electronics Show, but one that will stay under wraps could be its riskiest: a multichannel TV service to rival cable.

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-Mezzo-1993d ago

I think i should not keep an eye on this, as this would probably be a US-Only thing.

TheGamerDood1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

It looks like the reason for all this talk about a-la-carte TV programming is because Apple is developing a similar service that it may combine with their AppleTV or Apple branded TV. They're just trying to get the jump on this before Apple has a chance to dominate the market.

Pillsbury11993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

Interesting... Hhhmmmm cable on my ps4? Me like.

DeadlyFire1991d ago

hmm....First AppleTV is mentioned, then WiiU's Nintendo TVii, IntelTV, and now SonyTV?

Only question I can think of atm = Where is the XboxTV Microsoft? There was a rumor of XB3 and Intel hardware. Perhaps it was just talks for their TV service instead of any hardware at all.