13 Must Have Games In 2013

Here are 13 games you need to play in 2013!

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j-blaze1576d ago

i think Tomb Raider will flop, the game looks bad...VERY BAD!

MmaFan-Qc1576d ago

uncharted got inspired by tomb raider, then they made it way better than tomb raider...

now tomb raider try do what uncharted is doing, will it fail?

thats the question.

DigitalRaptor1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

No, it looks good.

MysticStrummer1575d ago

It doesn't look very bad, it just doesn't look like Tomb Raider. I was really hoping this game would get back to what made Tomb Raider great, but my hopes appear to be in vain. It's gone from a must play game to a might play eventually game.

wallis1575d ago

I don't think Tomb Raider will flop so much, I think a jiggle instead.

TheBlackSmoke1575d ago

Oh so this must be your next unsolicited hate project once DmC is out of the way.

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Eldyraen1576d ago

Good list, but nothing new to anyone that pays even marginal attention to upcoming games.

Just proves how good we'll have it over the next 6 months (most being 1-3 months) and still so many not mentioned.

Venox20081576d ago

MG: rising
Bayonetta 2 (hopefully on 2013)
Luigis mansion 2
Anarchy reigns
Tomb raider

level 3601576d ago

Have played demo of Tomb Raider - it will definitely succeed.

Also waiting for Splinter Cell Black - only saw actual in-game demo but was very surprised at awe-inspiring game play.

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