I Don’t Envy What Xbox Support Has to Put Up With

Kotaku - Xbox support has a Twitter account—it's very helpful and responsive, in my experience! But sometimes, the stuff they have to put up with is so idiotic that I can't believe how patient they are. I know I couldn't be after this exchange on Twitter.

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-Mezzo-2024d ago

It is sad that professional have their important time wasted like this, but you have to admit, that's 1 awesome trolling.

iamnsuperman2024d ago

I agree it is sad but really funny. They must get this kind of thing all the time

Ezz20132024d ago

i'm still laughing
but gotta admit they were very professional about it

nukeitall2024d ago

It really shows MS excellent customer support and what they have to deal with. Customer service is one of the worst jobs ever.

Redgehammer2024d ago

I have had nothing but a good experience dealing with MS's customer support staff.

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DarthJay2024d ago

That looks like an even worse fate than an Xbox not working.

sandman2242024d ago

That's wrong but funny. It made me chuckle. Please give me bubbles thank you.

Mr_cheese2024d ago

You sir are lucky that last bubble is not able to be taken away.

2024d ago
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