Roccat Announces Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Per-Key Lighting

Maximum PC: Of all the products Roccat offers, a mechanical plank was curiously missing. Until now, that is. The German peripheral maker on Friday introduced the Ryos MK Pro, the company's first mechanical keyboard designed for gamers. In addition to mechanical key switches, the Ryos MK Pro features per-key lighting, two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors, and 2MB of flash memory. Can we say overkill?

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lilmetal2050d ago

Wow, that trailer was fucking awesome...

If pricing is right, I'll definitely invest in one.
Especially since I haven't gone mechanical yet.

exfatal2050d ago

man my last onei poured water on and it was a naga brand or w.e, but i'd love to get my hands on this as well, if its priced right.

newsguy2050d ago

That trailer was way over the top! Lol.