PSM title Life of Pixel to win over nostalgic gamers next week

A new PlayStation Mobile title for PS Vita and Android phones, Life of Pixel, will really pander to older gamers with a true voyage through the history of console and computer gaming.

Releasing next week, it starts off in the early levels looking like Atari VCS, Sinclair ZX-81 or Spectrum games, as you advance through the game, the visuals and sounds get better (well, more modern).

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jujubee881905d ago

I need more PSM games to play in between time. Hopefully, it's not something crazy like 5 bucks.

Godchild10201905d ago

I'm going to buy this game to support the Developers, so we can see their other titles come to the Vita and other platforms.

Ult iMate1904d ago

Bring PSM to Europe, Sony!

jujubee881904d ago

PSM is already in EU. Well, I am certain it's in the UK.

Ult iMate1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

That means they only screw with PSM in Russia. Oh well.