Three Things That Will Make 2013 A Phenomenal Year For Gamers

With a bold new year for video games in the offing, disgruntled gamer Dave ‘Mack’ McConkey takes an unusually optimistic look at the 12 months ahead – and explains why they are set to offer up a seminal chapter for our beloved medium.

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TrendyGamers1938d ago

Why is Dave so disgruntled?

shodan741938d ago

Lord only knows. But at least he seems moderately cheerful this time around...

Belking1938d ago

Aliens CM
Gears of War
Tomb Raider
Next Gen Xbox

When I get those the year will be great.

Ezz20131938d ago

give me all ps3 exclusives this year
(all of them are pure awesome)
and GTAV and Bioshock

and i will be happy for the whole year