Black Ops II's Best Console Version is the Wii U

Needless to say, Nathanial Rumphol-Janc had played a lot of this game already before purchasing it for the Wii U, so he sort of knew he would enjoy it if for other than the fact he didn’t need to borrow the game anymore. Sure, part of him felt guilty playing the game because it’s supposed to be “generic and unimaginative”. It’s definitely no Borderlands 2, and Nathanial would hesitate to say it’s better than other IP’s out there. But man, after all these years Nathanial not only understand why Call of Duty is so appealing, he now has a definitive view into why Nintendo is so high and mighty about the Wii U being as good if not better than whats available for hardcore games. To put it bluntly, of the console versions of Black Ops II… the Wii U is simply the best of the bunch. Period, end of story.

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Neonridr2023d ago

While I agree with this article, I still feel it's a flame-bait fanboy war waiting to happen...

The only thing I was disappointed about was Treyarch didn't include the Stereoscopic 3D mode in the Wii U version. Why they left it out and made the rest of the game identical is beyond me. I played Black Ops 1 on my 360 in 3D mode and loved it. Even AC3 on the Wii U has the Stereoscopic 3D mode available to use, so it's not like the system isn't capable of doing 3D. Ubisoft clearly got it to work no problem. Just lazy on the part of Treyarch I guess.

Other than that, a great version of the game and definitely worth purchasing for any Wii U owners.

Kevin ButIer2023d ago

Come on, it would be disappointing that the WiiU couldn't beat by a small marging 2005/6 consoles.

Neonridr2023d ago

Do you think that's due to the limitations of the Wii U or the laziness of the developer to optimize it for the system? Trine 2 had no problem significantly outperforming the competition in terms of graphical quality and effects, not to mention running at a silky smooth fps and streaming to two screens simulataneously. If the developer is willing to take a bit of time to actually optimize their stuff then the Wii U will have no problem outshining the competition. Gearbox stated that the Wii U version of Aliens will look the best so I will look forward to the face off of that game.

The lack of developers willing to optimize their codes is the reason that 99% of multiplats look worse on the PS3 over the 360. And reasons why games like Skyrim are unplayable. Developers are always in a rush to get things out, and they build all their games off the 360 platform first. Not a smart way to port a game to a system (Wii U) where the GPU is designed to perform calculations that would normally be done by the CPU.

Lior2023d ago

I think people are forgetting the pc version has dedicated servers, higher frames rate and better graphics.

AO1JMM2023d ago

"Console version" is clearly in the title.

dark-hollow2023d ago

The ability to play on the gamepad, wiimote and the pro controller makes it the best version IMO opinion, but the major drawback is the community isn't their yet which is why I will stick to the Xbox version.

EddieNX 2023d ago

Agreed. But you missed the Fus Roh dah of the wiiu version. The reason it's BY FAR the superior version is because , when your friends come over (you need friends or a brother for this to work) You can fight each other with a screen each. You can have a screen each and take down a load of bots together. AWESOME.

Hijacked - dual screen local multiplayer. This.

metroid322023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I play wiiu version and its awesome very special plus you do feel part of a solid community it just feels fresh and the online is silk very smooth zero lag better graphics and all that,best COD out there and i don't think there even using 10% of the power maybe less going off games on ps3 at launch to say Crysis3 ps3 to soon be released sort of shows that WiiU having better graphics on BO2 and at native 720p and 480p on gamepad at the same time shows wiiu to have serious power in my eyes.

Knushwood Butt2023d ago

Nobody bought this game on the Wii U.

If you want to play multiplayer, you'd get it on another platform.

ChickeyCantor2022d ago

Isn't that kinda the reason why there is no community? It's because people claim there is non and rather play the xbox or Ps3 version.

It's kinda ironic/

the worst2023d ago

what ever
ps3 version 4 me

AbsoluteZelda2023d ago

I love your completely sound logic.

EddieNX 2023d ago

Yeh !! The hacked , worst looking version with a bunch of lag. I love that version too.....

Oh wait.....

Riderz13372023d ago

But you can't even play on the Wii version... there's like 1000 people online.

Mikeyy2023d ago

according the the official COD forums, Lag compensation by far plagues the 360 version the most. Also 360s hitbox's are oversized.

KillerBBs2023d ago

It's Not lag compensation but client side servers that rewards slow connections speeds.

A wireless connection will be better than my wired connection.

If you have Comcast 50mb you will report being hit faster than someone with bottle necked on a wifi connection.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2023d ago

The lag compensation is pure bs. I've got a 30 MB connection low ping and get smoked with 3-4 bullets all the time after I empty a mag into someone's back and they can turn around and kill me near instantly. It's better than the 1st game on the ps3. Up until the most recent patch now the lag is even worse.

I've got this coming from eBay here in the next few days, can't wait to try out the Wii u version. The only complaint I am hearing is the smaller community which may be a blessing. I can do without all the cheaters, thugs and Internet tough guys. The game pad option is what I'm looking forward to most to see how well it integrates while playing on the tv and to see what we have to look forward to in the future games

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sandman2242023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I still think that the ps3/360 version are better. I'll give you 3 reasons, 1 they have a better online crowd, 2 they both have 3d support, they both have a trophie/achievements to make us feel rewarded for playing single player. I also could mention the faster load times when the match is about to start, So that would be 4 reasons.

MasterCratosKong662023d ago

entitled to your opinion. i respectfully disagree. the gamepad only play and lack of racists on the wii u makes it a winner for me

AbsoluteZelda2023d ago

Reasons for Wii U

1. Better overall community online. No 12 year old wankers.
2. Achievements that what, tell you that you killed this and did that. I don't need a trophy to tell me I "played a game". Progress and completition of the campaign should be it's own reward. Also, it's Activisions fault if their aren't achievements, not Nintendos. They are optional.
3. The most important part: The controls are superior. It cannot be understood unless you play it for yourself.
4. Less lag.

2023d ago
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