This Moronic Sandy Hook ‘Game’ Is Probably Fake

Kotaku - People wasted no time last month following the tragic events at Sandy Hook, judging from the existence of a dev blog that purports to show screenshots of Sandy Hook: The Game. According to the website, the game is the "official video game of the sandy hook massacre, you play as Adam Lanza."

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-Mezzo-1844d ago

I hope it's fake, or else this is new low in Human history.

Root1844d ago

You hear that....the bar has been lowered

Time for James Cameron to get us out of another pickle

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Catoplepas1843d ago

Kotaku is morally outraged!

.....yet goes ahead and publicises the game anyway.

Oh the hypocrisy.

crackforgangstas1843d ago

I really hope this is fake, I mean 20 children died in the incident... No child should ever have to die