Why Crusader Kings II Should Be Game Of The Year

Kotaku - It's easy. Because it's the only game on this list that's about sex and politics.

Most others are about killing. And don't get me wrong, as head of a medieval dynasty, there will be the blood of thousands on your hands when your game is done.

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landog2022d ago

awesome game, incredibly

far cry 3
guild wars 2

all better

though, besides guild wars 2, Crusader Kings II will last you a heck of a lot longer, that damn game can go for 30-50 hours in one skirmish game

spartanlemur2021d ago

I've played 300 hours on CK2. Granted it still has a way to go before it's perfect, but with each patch and dlc it is getting there.
CK2 shouldn't be GOTY, as that honour belongs to FC3 or Dishonored really, but it is without a doubt the best strategy game to come out this year IMO (better than XCOM by far).

SpaZaA2021d ago

Wow Kotaku, you are such a bunch of freaking hipsters.