Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 gaming guide for the future

As the next-generation of consoles continue to be released, gamers will be able to enjoy new, innovative experiences they have not seen on current systems, but is this time of technology change also a time for gamers to think about changing? conducted a series of exclusive interviews with the CEO of First Post Studios Jacob Robinson, EA Sports communications specialist Brad Hilderbrand and Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter.

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RuleNumber51842d ago

Do we as gamers need to change how we interact within certain media at all?

AngelicIceDiamond1842d ago

Well first and most this is brand new technology that'll be in our living rooms.(Besides your computer) That'll change the way we look at games and media alike.

I personally can't wait for new living room tech. It'll be very interesting to see what Sony and MS do.

ATi_Elite1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Why so many Xbox 720 and PS4 articles when NO INFORMATION has been confirmed by Sony or MS?

Also this article has Nothing to do with Xbox 720 or PS4 as it basically talks about the last 7 years.

Also one guy mentioned having ONE BOX that brings everything together like music games movies etc. in his Living room!.......My Home Theater Personal Computer does that Wonderfully!

But I get what he's saying as he expects Next Gen consoles to provide all the entertainment for the Living room the same way my HTPC does for me NOW!

EddieNX 1842d ago

I can't wait for either PS4 or 720. I had my heart set on ps4. But if no used games then I'm boycotting and going for the 720.
Wiiu Is a ''next gen'' console. But I also know the next gen doesn't begin in earnest until the other 2 big boys arrive. And they're the ones that dictate multiplats.

Buy the time they're hear though , the wiiu will have so many awesome exclusives.

I Really hate it when people on this site and others start whining about how power dictates Generations. It's just simply wrong.

The N64 was pushing true 3D polygons which were quite clearly twice as impressive as the ps1.
The DS wasn't half as powerfull as the psp. But what made the DS great was its innovation.

You have to think about it like this. Does the wiiu have good enough graphics to keep you happy with exclusive games ? ABSOLOUTLY YES!!! doesn't matter how much more powerfull the other 2 big fellas are...

I mean here's a scenario- The 720 ends up being TWICE as powerfull as ps4 which is TWICE as powerfull as wiiu.

So they're all on different levels of power.
720-400% (just an example)

will that mean they're all in different generations ? Ofcourse not.

DeadlyFire1841d ago

Doubtful Sony would let that scenario happen honestly.

PS4 and XB3 should be pretty evenly matched Unless there is a grid of CPUs in the system.

As for the power dictating generations I agree its not at all the case. WiiU is the start of generation 8.

I am not certain if we should look at the 3 Android consoles launching in 2013/2014 to throw into this generation. Ouya, Gamestick, and OTON. Technically they are all consoles.

hazardman1842d ago

yeah the examiner sucks, they put a story up the other day about next gen and the source was a story from jan 2012. WTF!!

RuleNumber51842d ago

Hey man I agree that there is some unreliable content on Examiner. I mean there are 300 gaming examiners alone from what they tell us, so not everything you read is going to be great. There are those of us though, who are working hard on bringing daily relevant content to people who want it. The title is more about as this next-generation approaches, how do we as gamers view it and try to change our outlook on things. Given our title character-limit though, that would be impossible to spell out in a title, so this was just how it ended up. Would you really have wanted the same rumors in another article, which is one way you could interpret this title? Besides what you have in a story is what really matters, right? The content within the story is the main course, the title is just a cocktail, not even an appetizer.