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Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'Nintendo’s 2012 E3 press conference went out on a pathetic whimper but also ended with an unexpected bang. Fans were eagerly anticipating an explosion of announcements, clarification on key, outstanding issues and something to spark their imagination in the run up to Nintendo’s next home console. Sadly, they were left wanting.'

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1upgamer992054d ago

This game is fun, but 4.5? I would say 4.0. I really like it, but this rating is just a little too high. 4.5 means almost perfect, epic, little room for improvement. I love haunted mansion, Metroid Blast (my favorite), Zelda Battle Quest, Mario chase, but these (accept metroid blast) are multi-player games. Nintendoland single player is my beef, as it is not nearly as fun. I wish Nintendo would have released a AAA single player game with multiplayer options such as Metroid along with the Wii U. Wii U is a GREAT system and Nintendoland is a great game, and is best played with a friend or friends.

Neonridr2054d ago

while 4.5 may seem a little high, it's still just their opinion.

Just like ZombiU is a fun game that deserves a score in the 7.5-8 range yet there was a couple of reviews that were giving it 3-4/10, just their opinions..

I agree that it deserves about a 4/5 though, it showcases the new gamepad nicely, the only thing I wish was that you could play all the games in singleplayer with computer controlled people if necessary. I don't always have people at my house to play some of the better games, and they omitted online play unfortunately.

AwesomegamesUK2054d ago

Thanks for the comments, guys. While it was a definite toss up between 4 and 4.5, I felt inclined to give it 4.5 due to the sheer fun I've had with the game, especially with friends. There's nothing out there quite like it.

Of course it isn't perfect by any means and there are a few dud attractions in there, but the overall experience is one that is so fresh and unique that it really sells the system and excites Wii U owners and myself about what the future holds. The fact it's bundled in makes it even more awesome : )

P.S. I really appreciate it if you read it all. I know there's a lot! ; )

profgerbik2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Meh it's your opinion for sure but the fact Nintendo Land still supports no online play get's on my nerves badly.

My friends or family except my little brother all live very far from me. I just think it's stupid to force people to only play games locally.

Their excuse is it limits real interaction, well not everyone lives right next to each other so it's limiting any interaction for me at all with friends.

Sure let me just go knock on random neighbors doors just so I can have someone to play with.. How about I invite some pedophiles off of craigslist to bring over some natty light so we can play together?

Sounds much more logical.. I just don't understand why it can't have both local and online multi-player.

The same goes for NSMBU.. Nintendo is out of their minds, they remind me of Apple always telling the costumers how to use their products instead of actually listening to what their costumers want..

Neonridr2053d ago

agree, the lack of online play really hurt both Nintendo Land and NSMBU. Look at Trine 2, a perfect example of both local and online co-op play. And Rayman will be the same thing.

Here's hoping they can release a patch for NSMBU or Nintendo Land in the future allowing online play. It's hard to get enough people together sometimes to play a game.

ElectricKaibutsu2053d ago

Man, I don't know. I think it's important to make friends where you live. Maybe you should knock on your neighbor's door and ask them to play Wii, though that sounds kinda bad and might get you arrested.