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$577 Mid-Range DIY Budget Gaming PC - 2013 Edition

GamersNexus: "Using overclocking techniques, you'll be able to cut initial cost by amping up the selected RAM and CPU frequencies to exceed more expensive chips; this gives high-end performance at a low-cost, so be sure to take advantage of our beginner's overclocking guide for full potential." (PC, Tech)

Dlacy13g  +   470d ago
This is just spam
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   470d ago
this is a great build for the Price.

that £355 in uk. same as a super slim with a couple of games. i would defo snap this up if didnt own a decent rig.if you are thinking of getting into the PC market,this is great.
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Dlacy13g  +   469d ago
I want to be fair, my initial reaction was this site was just try to sell this build but upon a second look there does seem to be more depth and insight.
dirthurts  +   470d ago
Looks pretty legit to me. I don't recommend anyone come out of the game overclocking though...
ATi_Elite  +   470d ago
The weekly Budget PC
Impressed that this one even has Liquid cooling! I would another a GPU down the road for CFX and this system would run everything on Ultra!

DO NOT overclock if you are unsure!! Only advanced PC users should be overclocking.

"buh buh but PC's are only for the bedroom"

Hey you know that shiny DVI, HDMI, or PC plug your TV in the living room has......they all plug into your PC just as easy as plugging in a console!

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