Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date – May 24th?

Mr. Kennedy of writes:
Recently, people have been speculating about the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 release date and throwing the month “March” around, based on very rough online shop estimates. Back in October 2012, I noticed on one specific site of this description had March as a release date and they still claim that to this very day. Either; Rockstar likes this site very much and has decided not to give them a telling-off for leaking such a date OR…like I said previously, it’s a rough estimate.

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rbailey1726d ago

The explanations given in this article are extremely well thought out in both concept and execution. I sure do hope the game drops in May so that the fans who claim it's coming in March can finally be silenced once and for all.

TheModernKamikaze1726d ago

This is making me believe it really is May release.

MrKennedy1726d ago

Also note that the GTA 5 promo poster for Australia says "coming in the Autumn".

Autumn is in May in Australia.

TheModernKamikaze1726d ago

Rockstar said that the box art reveal will be later this month.

Killakap1726d ago

good argument. we will see though.

Root1726d ago

The Last of Us is also releasing in May...I like ND I really do but it's bloody suicide if GTAV releases the same month.

MrKennedy1726d ago

I think The Last of Us is releasing a couple of weeks before my speculated May 24th. I guess you could be right but Naughty Dog need to go HAM with the ads.

BlmThug1725d ago

I think releasing a little earlier or later to Gta V will help tLoU achieve it's maximum sales potential

LOGICWINS1726d ago

Sony better do some promotion on PSN for people who pre-order both. Like $25 PSN credit or something.

Trago13371726d ago

Wow, that's on my birthday! :D

MrKennedy1726d ago

I forgot to add that clue!

It also lands on Trago1337's birthday so Rockstar want to commemorate it by dropping GTA 5 on the 24th May!

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The story is too old to be commented.