Where's Best to Buy Devil May Cry?

Pre-orderIQ writes:

With only ten days left before Ninja Theory’s dramatic reboot of Devil May Cry hits store shelves, you may be thinking where the devil is best to buy Capcom’s fast-paced third-person action game? Well, funnily enough that’s exactly what we’re here for.

We’ve searched around different digital and online retailers extensively weighing up competiting deals, editions and pre-order bonuses, and we’ve come up with the definitive conclusion on where is best to put your money down in the UK.

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pompombrum1996d ago

Was about to come on here to say the exact same thing.. such an easy troll.

Hanso1996d ago

From a second hand shop!



ATi_Elite1996d ago

The Pirate Bay! ha ha ha ha Just Joking!

I'm gonna say Gamefly.....i don't think DMC is gonna be worth buying but will make for a nice rental but i have a different taste in games so that's just my opinion!

Elda1995d ago

Gamestop,Amazon,Gamefly,Best Buy,Target,etc.

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