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PGO | End of an Era: PlayStation 2 Production Stopped

With Sony announcing this week that they are stopping production of the PlayStation 2 in Japan after twelve years one writer looks at the impact that the console had on his life. (PS2, Sony)

sandman224  +   553d ago
This could mean more focus on ps3 and soon to be released ps4.
kane_1371  +   553d ago
This is it folks, Sad, but needed.
Now we know PS4 is close
izumo_lee  +   553d ago
Yes it is indeed an end of an era but what a run the PS2 was on. Not many game consoles can legitamally say that they survived for over 12 years & served over 155+ million folks for the most part proudly.

This was a time where Sony can do nothing wrong & the game industry was at its very strongest in terms of sales & growth. We will probably never see something like this again but for those that were part of the ride that was the PS2 it was fun times for all.
MikeyS1711  +   552d ago
I agree, everyone had a PS2 and when the original Xbox game out there were still many who kept to the PS2 out of the people I knew.
Adropacrich2  +   552d ago
The PS2 era was quite an astonishing one that rode the immense success of the brand. With PS1, Sony had the right hardware able to produce exciting new visuals and the whole cool thing just exploded. PS1 was to be honest simply the right machine at the right time. PS2 was a guaranteed success at this point and what a time that was. An era worth celebrating like no other really if you choose not to include the 2600, C64, Spectrum and Nes/Snes era. Now with the PS3 it feels like that time has past but they were glorious while they lasted

The first Xbox was a very exciting time too for those that knew they were buying a more powerful platform and although it never really made for much of the market, these were exciting times also

This gen has felt different despite some absolutely killer games here and there. These days I'm only into playing on Xbox and Wii but I shall always have the very fondest memories of the Playstation brand back when it felt there was an associated Playstation identity- I'm honestly not sure what the brand is any more
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Hicken  +   552d ago
Was the production run officially over? I'd only heard that they'd stopped shipping in Japan. As far as I know, they'd still be shipping to other parts of the world.

But I could be wrong.
microgenius  +   552d ago
it still ships to middle east and third world countries
man it is immortal
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