“Gamers want a reason to upgrade their hardware”: Crytek won’t be held back by consoles for Crysis 3

At the recent EA summer showcase, using the aid of his nanosuit’s cloaking mode, snuck into the dressing room of Michael Elliot Read, Producer on Crysis 3. Unfortunately the cloak energy ran out just as Michael was taking his pants off, so to defuse this awkward moment we quick-fired off a list of things we've been wondering about EA’s upcoming sci-fi stealth blaster. The result was this interesting insight into Crysis 3’s approach to linearity, local matchmaking, hardware requirements and more, with not a peeping tom violation in sight.

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Knight_Crawler1965d ago

Crytek already has the info on when the 720 will drop which is Xmas this year so they can afford to say that.

I have a feeling that MS will end up purching either Crytek or EPIC games next gen.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Both companies will be ruined.. And all their games will be for kinect. They get Crytek to make an xbox exclusive and behold it's for kinect. They are better of reloading their check gun and spraying at third party devs. Also Unreal engine 3 would most like be only for xbox and no more pc sdk. Or they would replace the whole UE4 UI with tiles.. Please let that thought die..

MikeMyers1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Is Halo for Kinect? How about Forza and Gears of War? Just because they made a game like Fable: The Journey doesn't mean they are about to totally disband existing franchises and be Kinect only. Fable: The Journey was a side project. Much like Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault and even Civilization: Revolution was created for console gamers in mind.

I too wouldn't want Microsoft to own them, but only because that would mean less availability.

I would imagine lots of games were and still are being held back by consoles that otherwise could really benefit from being on the PC.

HammadTheBeast1965d ago

I'm really starting to get tired of Crytek now. The foundation for a good game is gameplay and enjoyability, not graphics. They don't seem to understand this, which is why Crysis 2 failed.

dirthurts1965d ago

I really enjoyed Crysis 2. I played through it a few times, and really enjoyed the multiplayer.
It didn't fail. Some people didn't like it.
If that's the logic you use, then Call of Duty has failed for years now, since I didn't like them. And they're butt ugly.

Knushwood Butt1965d ago

I'm currently playing the original Crysis for the first time, and while I realize why the engine wowed people at the time, the gameplay is seriously broken. Armour mode is useless, and there's absolutely no reason to go up for a straight up fight when you can just sneak up on people and one punch kill them with your fists.

Apart from that, none of the gameplay mechanics make a lick of sense. So, if you activate cloak mode, and don't move, it doesn't drain the battery, but as soon as you move, it does? WTF?? Also, where is all this energy coming from that you use to charge back up your suit (which only takes a few seconds anyway).

So the game is just a rinse and repeat of sneak around, find cover, charge your suit again, sneak around, find cover.......

There's absolutely no reason you'd go in for a straight up fight as the gunplay is sluggish and unenjoyable, and if you go up against more than about 2 enemies at once you are almost guaranteed to die (and armour mode only deflects about 3 bullets before discharging, which is pretty ******* useless when enemies are firing machine guns at you with amazing accuracy.

Meh, it was on sale, so....

Looks quite pretty though!

AKS1965d ago

Why would Microsoft spend the money it would take to buy the developer of the most popular multiplatform game engine to just make games for their platform? How does that even begin to make sense? I also don't see the logic in buying Crytek. I think Microsoft already has a pretty popular FPS franchise, and purchasing the rights to CryEngine3, another multiplatform engine, doesn't make a lot of sense, either. Their investment of either company would instantly be worth considerably less upon purchase if limited to development for their platform. And even if they also include PC games from either company, MS hasn't exactly been the consensus choice for PC gamers' favorite developer. Just bring up the abbreviation "GFWL" and most PC gamers' blood begins to boil with rage.

Blackdeath_6631965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

this is good news, however i have no interest in crysis specially after crysis2 but at least this mean some progress will be made in quality

ritsuka6661965d ago

People can drool over the CryEngine 3 all they want, and I myself certainly don't deny its technical prowess...which is why it's so unfortunate that Crytek hasn't done anything interesting with it. To me the CryEngine 3 is hopelessly boring.

tachy0n1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

says people drool to cryengine then says its boring.

nice contradiction bro.

CryTek and Nvidia has developed a new kind of Anti-Aliasing specially for consoles in order to make games look better by reducing the jaggies, something that nobody has ever done, all other devs keep using old Anti Aliasing techniques like FXAA and others....

HammadTheBeast1965d ago

"People *can drool* over the CryEngine 3 all they want"

Their games may look great, too bad they play like sh*t.

MysticStrummer1965d ago

That's not a contradiction at all. The best looking game in the world can also be the most boring.

lol @ AA talk... as if that's where gaming most needs to be improved. smh

Knushwood Butt1965d ago

Well, I guess that will give PC gamers with the latest rigs some bragging rights then...

Meanwhile, almost everyone else will be playing better games.

RankFTW1965d ago

I'm going to buy a 2nd 680 Lightning for when this game comes out, need it for 1440p.

Hassassin1965d ago

idk man, I have a single 570 (OCed a little) and I think its enough to play at 1440p. Maybe when next consoles arrive I'll upgrade, but for now I can (almost) always max out games at playable fps... and I usually deactivate SSAO (which doesn't work well in many games and just kills fps).
That said, if you want 60+ fps always and activate all nonsense settings to max, like ubersampling or such, I agree you need more power. If I had the money I'd buy dual 680 too. My point is it's not necessary for 1440p to be enjoyable ;)

FlyingFoxy1965d ago

Dual cards introduce microstuttering, single best card and 1080P 60+fps is the way to go.

RankFTW1965d ago

Even playing Crysis 2 at 1440p on max settings on a 680 gets me only about 30-40 fps and Crysis 3 is a lot more intense.

DarkZane1965d ago

I wouldn't even touch Crysis with a ten foot pole. I don't see what people find in it, it's not even that good.

RedDeadLB1965d ago

The first one and Warhead are good. The second one is pure shit and the third one seems to follow in it's wake.

Knushwood Butt1965d ago

From what I can tell, the first one is massively overrated.

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