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James Bond games vanish from Steam and Activision stores

James Bond games that have been published by Activision are no longer available to buy from Steam or the Activision web store. (007 Legends, Activision, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Cam977  +   966d ago
This could possibly mean that Acti has lost the licence (despite having it up to 2014); maybe they prematurely cut it due to poor releases. If this is the case then I'm thrilled, this will mean that Sony/MGM have to find a new developer which could mark the end of sub-par 007 games!
I hope they've lost the licence.

Moreover, I read this very article on CVG and their writers emailed Acti and are awaiting a formal response on the situation.
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Adexus  +   966d ago
People may disagree with me but I actually hope it goes back to EA, Everything or Nothing was so awesome.
Monolith  +   966d ago
Or better yet. Give it to Sony Santa Monica studios
Erudito87  +   966d ago
the movies are awesome but the games have always sucked
iamnsuperman  +   966d ago
Everything or Nothing was a fantastic game. They just need to stay away from the films.
Erudito87  +   966d ago
oh yh i loved the motorbike section
Pozzle  +   965d ago
*gasp* Even Goldeneye 64?
NYC_Gamer  +   966d ago
Golden Eye 64 was the only Bond game that enjoyed
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porkChop  +   966d ago
Good. I hope Activision either lost the license or dropped it. Their 007 games are crap, and they sell like crap as a result. I want a good, proper 007 game for once. Fuck, just imagine a good 007 RPG. That sounds really weird at first, but just take a look at Alpha Protocol. That game was flawed, yes, but it had so much potential and it was a great game if you could see past its flaws.

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