4 Simulator games that are terrible and shouldn't exist

The existence of these simulators is extremely puzzling to me (unless I am underestimating the number of Forklift-truck-driving fanboys in the general population). See these awful games and hate them with me.

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HanCilliers1690d ago

Wakakaka on those games, really, really?!

vulcanproject1690d ago

Desert Bus was in fact designed as a CIA torture method but was accidentally released to the public.

schmoe1690d ago

ja ditto han, most simulators suck

Choc_Salties1690d ago

Except Arma 2, remember what it has become, not to mention that mod for Arma 1 which re-created the Angolan War.

Skate-AK1690d ago

Hey now forklifing is no small feat.

Tibbers1690d ago

What? Toilet Tycoon is fucking awesome.

Every "simulator" made by Astragon is horrible tho (Forklift Truck, Street Cleaning Simulator etc.)

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