One Dedicated Tales Fan Logged In Almost 80 Hours Into Tales Of Hearts R’s Demo

Leveling up all of your characters to 100 in a role playing game isn’t that unusual, but one dedicated Tales fan grinded his or her way up to level 100 in the Tales of Hearts R demo.

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Kratoscar20081273d ago

Holy S*** thats a really Tales Fanboy.

Ranma11273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

We need more JRPG's this gen. There is a serious drought

Kratoscar20081273d ago

Yeah but in the meantime you should play old RPGs that you havent played inprevious gens.

Im playing SMT 3, Growlanser, Persona, suikoden and so on.

TheTwelve1272d ago

I think this shows how badly we need more JRPGs, haha

Asuka1273d ago

if this game ever comes to NA it'll be a day 1 buy for me. Believe it!!!!! XD

Baylex1273d ago

Now he/she doesn't have anything to play... poor boy/girl