GTA IV Controls

Showing GTA IV controls on the PS3 controller and the Xbox 360 controller.

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Salvadore3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

At my friends house, I disliked the controller configuration for Resistance and I changed to shoot button from R1 to R2 and it worked perfectly fine for me, but it was a little big sensitive.

Bubble Buddy3498d ago

R1 all day, Or maybe I'm just not used to it...

InMyOpinion3498d ago

Are you saying that the Sixaxis is flawed?

LJWooly3498d ago (Edited 3498d ago )

I don't think they're saying that the Sixaxis is flawed Jenzo, just that R2, for that paticular controller, wouldn't really work for the shooting function. R1 would work be better, in my opinon.
I don't think I'll be getting this game, anyway. MGS4, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Ninja Gaiden 2 will come first :)

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Hydrollex3499d ago

R2 shoot sounds ugly yes ! R1 sounds good

xhi43498d ago

when I get the game i'll probably swap the controls for Ri to be attack/shoot and R2 to snap into cover, seeing as its so sensitive its a good snap into cover control scheme.

Just my thoughts.

va_bank3498d ago

Let's hope they let us.

masterg3498d ago

I just want the Gears of war layout.
I think that was perfect. Uncharted wasn't bad either.

bourner3498d ago

ohh... a person who likes both consoles lol . playing it safe with gow and uncharted

vloeistof3498d ago

call taxi thats going to be my fav . on ps3 controler.

when are we going to see gameplay

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The story is too old to be commented.