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Analysts doubt Sony will risk gamer backlash with anti-used game tech for PS4

"Sony would be materially hurt if PS4 blocked used games and next Xbox and Wii U did not." as GameStop shares fall (Industry, Next-Gen, Sony)

decrypt  +   553d ago
Sony: "The first 5 million will buy it regardless"
"get 2 jobs"

Thats generally the attitude of the console makers. If both MS and Sony implement it at the same time, Console gamers will have no choice but to accept it.

The Devs will be happy with it, Consoles are closed platform its not like console gamers can do anything about it.

I would think this probably will go through.
Blackdeath_663  +   553d ago
i doubt it, maybe sony is playing game theory with MS.
either one company is trying to get the other to block 2nd hand games so it can get an advantage or both companies block 2nd hand games in which they both benefit or they both don't block anything and things stay as is. here is a more detailed article on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... the wiiU has already been released with out 2nd hand game block this will only work if all companies do it at the same time so none of them lose also there is the question of are they cooperating or not? its very unlikely that they are cooperating as there is no law or rules binding them to the promises they make (they can say they will block 2nd hand games but do otherwise) so chances are very low that ms will also block 2nd hand games this leaves sony in an almost certain loss if they do chose to block 2nd hand games one that they can't afford to make. but then again you don't what to expect from the japanese sega for example is going round removing sutff from the internet illegally under copyright claims

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zebramocha  +   553d ago
Zomg! Zony is DOOMED!
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MikeMyers  +   553d ago
Look at the direction we are headed. EA comes out with online passes and now Sony's own published games are too. The Wii U comes out and you cannot import the Gamepad and connect it with a Wii U from a different region. Wii U owners must also provide personal information and contact Nintendo directly if their system breaks and they want to transfer content. Microsoft had a special tool to upgrade your Xbox 360 and transfer content.

Meanwhile you have companies like Steam that simply send you a e-mail to confirm you are the rightful account holder if you're trying to access you games and profile from a different hardware. No wonder people love Steam. They do things that cater to the consumer. They also don't charge you a membership to play online or buy a subscription to get large discounts on games.
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ABizzel1  +   552d ago
I really don't see it as a big problem. It has the potential to bring billions back into the industry, and if you don't want to pay full price just wait.

It also forces store to be more competitive with their game sales.

Look at best buy. Rewardzone members get $20 coupons with every major release they buy for the first and last half of the year (Basically buy 3 new games get 1 free, or $180 for 4 games aka $45 a piece over a 6 month period.)

If you can't afford that, then just wait for a traditional price drop, or use the internet which all of you have to search for better deals, such as Newegg launching many newly released games for $48 instant savings, Best Buy's summer sales which gives older games (1+ year old) and accessories $1 - $20 prices, black friday sales which drops even new games to $40 or less, and PSN / XBL holiday sales where games on the network are up to 50% off.

Just wait until it's the price you want or can afford. Waiting a couple of months to buy a game isn't going to be the end of the world.

Now the loss of sharing games between the immediate family sucks, which is why I think they'll allow the game to connect with up to 2 - 3 consoles (since most family's don't own more than 2 - 3 of the same console). Most likely 2, since you can use the pass, and if someone else say Gamestop wanted to use the pass then they'd have to check it first, and by checking it, that uses the last pass. This won't get rid of used games, but it will make it a greater hassle to deal with. If they do this and this doesn't work, you can count on used games support stopping completely. Gamestop is stealing billions from developers and publishers, and even console manufactures and they're going to do what they can to get their money back. I would, and so would you.
Kevin ButIer  +   552d ago
Game publishers must be pushing this idea, don't only blame console makers....
MikeMyers  +   552d ago
"Waiting a couple of months to buy a game isn't going to be the end of the world."

There are many games that don't hold as much value later on when it comes to multiplayer. Lots of games suffer from a dwindling userbase over time which could impact how easy it is to have online matches. I don't mind waiting for games to come down in price but if you look at sale spikes usually the busiest time is during the launch window.

Of course people will support it more if they see value added to it. The trouble is we've been accustomed to having much more freedom with our games. We can sell, lend, and trade our games in physical format. People tend to forget that those who do buy games new may also use the funding from selling and trading their old ones. They may not buy as many new titles or as you suggest, wait. That's not really the impact they are hoping for.
darkride66  +   553d ago
Here we go again.
It still surprises me that no one in the conversation, not even the analysts have mentioned that this all played out exactly the same before the PS3's launch in 2006 when Sony patented a similar system that would "spell the end of the second hand game market." Yet for some reason the game media is being whipped up into a frenzy over this.

I invite you to take a stroll back down memory lane.
Furor Over Sony Patent:
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Root  +   553d ago
What I find most funny is Sony has had a ton of patents done, some over the past few months but nothing is really said. When one comes along sites can twist into something negative about Sony then we hear about it non stop and how it's the end for Sony

Seriously sites just can't help themselfs
3-4-5  +   553d ago
Nintendo won't be using it. Maybe some will switch over to Wii U, once they realize what Sony & Microsoft try to do....IF they attempt that.
GraveLord  +   552d ago
Sorry troll, but it won't. Anyway if it did, it wouldn't block used games completely, it would just limit them.(sort of like an online pass but you wouldn't need an internet connection)

I myself don't care either way as I like to support developers and always buy new.
rainslacker  +   552d ago
No choice? I'm pretty sure we could still not buy either system. Or there's that whole other system...you know the Wii U.
bozebo  +   553d ago
These analysts know nothing. People will want to play the exclusives, therefore it will be fine. The games matter, end of story.
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rainslacker  +   552d ago
The games matter. My right to ownership over those games I purchase matter more.
bozebo  +   552d ago
You've never had a right to ownership over any game. Only a license to run the software. The physical medium is unrelated, whoever holds the physical medium simply owns the license.

It's exactly the same with music, film, books and other mediums. If you don't like it, don't buy them. Simple.
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rainslacker  +   551d ago
Your relying on a technicality to make your point. You know what I meant by my statement so I'm not going to spell it out again.

While what you say is true for software in general, it is not the same for movies, music or books. All of those mediums you are freely able to sell for someone else to use as if they own it. The only thing restricted by these mediums is their use in a public or paid venue, as the actual content is copyrighted.

Also I have complete ownership of every single console game I own that was released before this generation. None of them have any restrictions on them. I am unable to take that content and use it for my own purposes, as that is copyright infringement, but I am free to sell, trade ,destroy, or use them as a coaster if I so wish.

It's sad how in 7 short years people have become so willing to give up their consumer rights, then say, "if you don't like it don't buy it", but then turn around and complain when companies do things that take away even more of their rights.
wishingW3L  +   553d ago
I'm fine with them blocking the online portion and forcing people to pay an additional amount of money to be able to play it if they bought the game used since that costs money to maintain but to block the entire game (single player campaigns) is just stupid.
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caseh  +   552d ago
'I'm fine with them blocking the offline portion and forcing people to pay an additional amount of money to be able to play the campaign if they bought the game used since that cost money to produce but to block the online game (multi-player game modes) is just stupid.'

That's how I see the exact same arguement lol. Games like the recent BLOPS2 and DOA5 were purchased just for the online aspect in my case and no doubt i'm not the only one.
dark-hollow  +   552d ago
So much crap get patented that never sees the light of day.
kingmushroom  +   552d ago
it would kind of suck since i make some cash after I'm done with the game to buy another,
but o well, i would only buy exclusives day 1 and for other titles just wait for price drop.
marynancy   552d ago | Spam
nevin1  +   552d ago
I highly doubt it will happen but I won't be surprised if it did.
Dms2012  +   552d ago
This needs to happen, the industry cannot go on with this used game weight around their necks.
DivineAssault  +   552d ago
doubtful.. Rumors of no Backwards compatibly plus no used games will piss too many people off
ATi_Elite  +   552d ago
PS4...it only does everything but USED Games
after reading the technology i'm like....

"so will Sony also block you from taking your game over to your friends house to play unless you drag your console with you"?

"No more letting your friends borrow your games either I suppose"!
level 360  +   552d ago
It's a definite big let down.. hope they see the big picture and change their minds.

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