God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Beta Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

Multiplayer in a God of War game…some people just can’t grasp how that works. Some think it can’t be anything but a tacked on mode that they will undoubtedly overlook in favour of the tried-and-true single-player campaign. Well, we recently received an invite to the closed God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta and have some impressions that will hopefully alleviate those fears. We delayed this posting so that we could get some hands-on time with the third match-type featured – Capture the Flag, which was only added two days ago.

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LinkageAX1969d ago ShowReplies(7)
militissanctus1969d ago

Interesting. I didn't expect this game to be very good.

futurefrog1969d ago

never liked god of war always found it boring

stonecold31969d ago

if your bored why are you doing this article then?

BX811968d ago

Yeah I agree. I tried almost every gow game and just thought it was lame as hell hack and slashing over and over again, with an occasional mini sex game thrown in. I then tried GOW3 on the PS3 and it is easily in my top 10 games of all time. I will always recommend that game to anyone who has a PS3!

th3n00bg4m3r1968d ago

Boring? It is a very fast-paced and violent game, how can it be boring?

GribbleGrunger1969d ago

You wait hours for a troll and three come all at once

ZacE1969d ago

Haha, man God of War gets no love?!

HammadTheBeast1968d ago

Yeah, and they're not even high quality ones. You're hoping for the ones that you call up, hand a couple hundred, then get for the night, yet what you get is the fat girl in leather on the street corner.

kingjoker341968d ago

I dont find how they are trolling, they are simply stating their opinion. They are not saying it is what YOU think, but what they think. All they said was that they didnt like one franchise so they are automatically trolls now? that makes no sense -.-

masterabbott1969d ago

i like god of war but lets hope the multiplayer is actually fun to play. from reading this hands on it looks like santa monica studios has done some hard work on making it playable and enjoyable and its not just another tacked on addition to the game.

r211969d ago

It certainly is something. They're bringing multiplayer to a hack and slash. The only other game I know that has done that was NG3 and it's MP as i heard was horrible. GoW: A seems to have made it work. Props to SSM :D

Knushwood Butt1969d ago

I seem to remember people had the same fears for Uncharted when UC2 got multiplayer.

BX811968d ago

Yeah but those fears were answered with Uncharted 3's multiplayer. lol.

IAmLee1968d ago

They 'apperently' tried to make it similar to 'Power Stone', Which if that's the case, is fucking awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.