Mad Dog McCree Rated By PEGI for the PS3, Website Confirms It’s ‘Coming Soon’

Mad Dog McCree, one of the first live-action light gun games to hit the market, has now been rated by PEGI (the Pan European Game Information board) for PS3, meaning that an EU PSN release shouldn’t be too far behind. Adding to that, publisher Digital Leisure’s website lists Mad Dog McCree as ‘coming soon’ to the PSN, possibly pointing towards a North American release as well.

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TrendyGamers1840d ago

It needs to have Move support, that's for sure.

GribbleGrunger1840d ago

I'd say that's guaranteed. In fact I'd say it will be MOVE only

dbjj120881840d ago

Can I use my orange Time Crisis gun? The one I bought before the Move was announced? >:(

Knight_Crawler1840d ago

Dude 100 year from now that gun will be worth $100 to someone.

Keep it safe so your grand children can resell it.

stonecold31840d ago

I will get this I been waiting for a long time don't know why its at retail for the wii but I will get this for my ps3 this will be a lot better

no1phil1840d ago

Lets hope its more true to the arcade as a lot of Wii reviews for this game said the controls were not anywhere near lightgun perfect.

no1phil1840d ago

Bought this with a light gun for the PC back when i had windows xp. Safe to say i will be getting this for the PSN as long as it is for the PS Move :) short but awesome game and brings back memories from my arcade days :)

Obnoxious_Informer1840d ago

I've never heard of Mad Dog McRee that normal, or is the series as obscure as I'm suspecting it is?

krisq1840d ago

You're probably just too young. I remember it being on 40 floppy disks :-D

dkeat1840d ago

I remember having multiple CD-ROMS, I want to say two or three. I was probably 11.

Obnoxious_Informer1839d ago

Ya...that makes sense. I'm of the age where there was a very brief moment in school were we'd use floppy discs to hold word documents/school projects. I only learned later in life that games used to come on floppy's.

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The story is too old to be commented.