Quicksave: The Dishwasher XNA Trial Impressions

Quicksave writes:

"Microsoft's XNA initiative, which allows amateur game developers create and share games on XBOX Live! Arcade, is something they hope will catch on with gamers. I don't know how it will be received by others, but I thought it was solid idea with a huge amount of potential. The entire initiative could be described as the YouTube of Games and as with most YouTube content: quality will vary. After installing the XNA game launcher and trying out most of what was available, the stand out was definitely The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai."

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EZCheez3950d ago

Dishwasher is pretty dark but the combat and controls work pretty well so it's fun.

Little gamer is just hilarious. I really didn't pick up any sort of plot but it's awesome. If the kids on South Park were to develop a game, it would probably look something like this.