Where Are The Vita Games For 2013?

"The 2013 release list for Vita titles is currently mediocre. It's common for release lists to be bare after the holidays, but the Vita lineup is almost too bare.

I own a Vita, and by all accounts, I'm one of the few. Not only is Sony concerned about the size of the handheld's install base, particularly in Japan when compared to the 3DS, but they are also disappointed by the lack of support by third-parties."

~ Nick Tan, Game Revolution

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dbjj120882021d ago

Price drop! Price drop!

That's what it's going to take to make the Vita a viable marketplace for developers. Nintendo may have seemed weak or reactionary dropping the 3DS price so quickly in the handheld's life, but they look like they're laying golden eggs now with plenty of great, varied software and a larger install base.

Abash2021d ago

Tearaway, Killzone: Mercenary, and Soul Sacrifice are just a few of the PS Vita exclusives confirmed for next year and the author thinks the game line up is looking mediocre? This is nothing but a doom and gloom article

MaleManSam2021d ago

As good as you think those games might be, I honestly don't think they are system sellers.

Don't hate, just reciprocate.

I hope it does well though, I hope I'm wrong.

UltraVegito2021d ago

@MaleManSam They may not be system sellers,but they are great games regardless and will most likely improve the install base of the Vita and satisfy alot of vita owners(like me :D).
Tbh they could be something to drag in a good amount of interest for gamers if sony marketed them in a proper manner(gameplay footage not something that confuses the consumer).
Than again we all know that certainly isn't one of sony's strong points but i feel the games will do well regardless.

Tultras2021d ago


I mean, the vita has more exclusives confirmed than the Xbox 360 at this point, And i think it has more exclusives confirmed than the PlayStation 3 aswell.

Although i have yet to buy a game for my vita, you know why? The memory cards, so damn expensive, that's the problem.

PulpoTonto2021d ago


I think that has more than something to do with the almost certainty of the next generation of home consoles arriving towards the end of this year.

Why would they put a lot of resources into exclusives for a console that would be sidelined in a month or two? This isn't an attack at all, just thought I'd point it out :)

dedicatedtogamers2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

PSP started off slow, too. I was none too impressed with the first two years of "console on the go" games like GTA3, various racing games, Medal of Honor, etc (just my personal opinion).

But after a few years (starting around the time of the first Patapon) the PSP really started to pick up steam with a LOT of must-have games.

That's what I am waiting for (again, just my personal opinion). I'm not as excited for "console on the go" games. I'd like games that can only be done on the Vita hardware.

riverstars862020d ago

Those games are not system sellers. They could really get some systems to sell if Rockstar has any plans for a full scale GTA game, which could be announced at the upcoming Playstation event. At this point in time, Sony really needs to up their game, a price cut is needed along with some AAA games so customers and developers will feel confident in the future of the Vita. Because if you are confident in the future at this point in time, you are in the minority.

ZigZagZach2020d ago

Yea I agree with you for the most part. "Mediocre" looking games is no way to phrase it.

To be fair though, we have those three games then like two others that are promising looking Vita exclusives so far. :/

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r212021d ago

We've got that Destination Playstation, maybe a price cut is coming. I even remember a few months ago someone from Sony said it'd have a price cut in 2013.

tachy0n2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

ill say it again, the PSVita is not like the 3DS with cheap POS outdated technology, FYI the PSVita is one of the most powerful handheld devices out now, and u ask for a price drop?

Gravity Rush is yet to be announced, i hope their devs announce it at E3 <3

Skips2021d ago

Gravity Rush 2 you mean?

That would be a definite day 1 buy for me!

tachy0n2021d ago

sorry for the typo... it was Gravity Rush 2!!!!

GribbleGrunger2021d ago

Yes, better tech requires longer development time. Do people listen? NOPE.

EddieNX 2021d ago

You're an idiot. Cheap POS outdated technology ?

Yeh Resident evil revelations graphics on a portable stereoscopic 3D screen is outdated. Oh hang on , no it isn't. The 3DS is the world only device which offers that.

Resident Evil on 3DS looks better than 90% of Vita games , especially considering it runs in 3D.

The Vita is the only PoS around here. 3DS is a unique handheld with character , identity and lots and lots of games.

Vita is still trying to work out what it is....

dafegamer2021d ago

Instant most anticipated games list contender if they announce GR2

stage882021d ago


"Resident Evil on 3DS looks better than 90% of Vita games"

Nearly spat out my coffee, thanks for the laugh :)

Skips2021d ago

"Resident Evil on 3DS looks better than 90% of Vita games , especially considering it runs in 3D."


Just stop.

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ftwrthtx2021d ago

Either release more games or give it more PS3 support.

TrendyGamers2021d ago

Or at the very least drop the prices of some of the PSP games that are on the PSN.

manasteel882020d ago

there are plenty of PSP games that have gotten price dropped on PSN. Atlus's entire catalog for one.

knifefight2021d ago

As a big Vita lover, I'm really, really hoping this ship gets turned around. This machine deserves better sales than its getting, and I hope third parties decide to play along and put some more games on the thing.

bothebo2021d ago

I hope they do too. Software sales are not bad at all, about 2.25 games per person. Also, if you look at the sales of ACL, LBPV, Persona 4, and COD, which were all released several months ago, software sales are strong. The ratio of games per person is about .15 behind that of the 3DS. People want the games, they just need a bigger player base.

alexcosborn2021d ago

I really hope Killzone ends up being a knockout. The vita desperately needs a quality fps

Kingthrash3602021d ago

Any handheld needs a good fps, the vita is the only handheld that can properly do it. It's been a year since it was released so its still in its young years, when devs start to get a better feel for the system it will be better. Cod was a good fps IMO it wasn't nowhere close to what the vita can produce but look at how far farcry has come. All we need to do is wait. We as gamers are used to waiting... Look at ff series we always wait loooong periods of time for the next one... MGS is another one. Give devs a chance to produce nice games, we are rushing the vita IMO.
Oh and this article is another doom article, sucks but oh well. The vita has a lot of vita left.