Rumors of PS4 Restricting Used Games Send GameStop Stock Tumbling

GameStop's stock price closed lower than $1.30(a five percent loss overall)after word this morning that Sony had applied for a patent on technology that could restrict how used games are played on its next console.

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THC CELL1991d ago

im for this i will always support developers.. i bet sony will leave it upto developers to lock the game or not

Anon19741991d ago

I bet we won't see this used at all as they've had similar patents for tech like this since 2000 and have never used them. This exact same paranoia surfaced before the PS3's launch.

Derekvinyard131991d ago

if we see stuff like this from now on, video games as a whole will fall apart. im surprised this idea is even being rumored/confirmed most people who dont think twice are gonna be like "Oh i heard sony is taking away used games im not buying the ps4" stupid idea all together, as a gamer for over 20 years i would love to know the genius behind this idea that will end video games as we know it, probably doesn't even play games with a half-assed plan like this.

Blackdeath_6631991d ago

if it does happen then no console for me next gen. PSNpass is already being used and that is enough i don't see why they would restrict it further. me and my brother in law live in the same house and we exchange games once we have finished them i don't see anything wrong with that i'm not going to buy two copies for each game we play that's absurd

lociefer1991d ago

Worst thing is sony can neither confirm nor deny this cause by doing so they confirm the ps4

TheGamerDood1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

This why I support Sony in banning used games if it means killing companies like GS I'm all in!

MikeMyers1991d ago

They won't block used games, they will just sell more games digitally which is even better for them.

From the article:
"The company's first party software sales represent less than 10 percent of overall sales on its consoles, and it is unlikely that blocking used games would result in a lift of more than 10 percent in new game sales. That means that Sony's sales would rise only marginally if the PS4 blocked used games."

So why would Sony adopt their own philosophy and alienate themselves? It would only work if game publishers did this across the board. There were also rumors when the PS3 was coming out that the bluray would lock the disc to the machine. So if you bught a game or a movie on bluray it would only play on one system. Of course that never materialized but the technology could have made it possible.

Burackus1991d ago

I don't get why it's a big deal it has been around a long time anyone ever bought a pc game before? They are coded

zgoldenlionz1991d ago

Yep totally agree with you. Companies file patents all the time that never get used.

MikeMyers1991d ago

PC games are not really coded the same way to your hardware. Some games have DRM which limits at times up to 5 installs. So that means you could upgrade or replace your PC up to 5 times. This patent doesn't really go into details about the ability to have the game install on 5 different PS4's.

RumbleFish1991d ago

I don't care about gamestop and I don't care about drm. It didn't kill pc gaming and it won't kill console gaming.

BillyDaSheep1991d ago

You might well see a system similar to what they have now. At the minute some games have codes for online play that can only be used once but if you buy the game used you can play offline and just purchase another online code for £5. This new system would probably lock the whole game unless you buy a new code for £5 to £10 so used games won't completely disappear. That way developers would get some money from the sale and places like GameStop can still survive.

SilentNegotiator1990d ago

"im for this i will always support developers"

How about supporting gamers first? Remember when we could just pop our games into a friend's console and PLAY it, even online? Remember when our game purchases had real monetary value (an important principle when developers/publishers can screw you, even post-release, like removing promised maps)?'

That said, it likely won't even happen anyway.

fr0sty1990d ago

PS4 hasn't even been announced yet and the FUD articles are already starting. Gamestop's stock was already in decline prior to this patent.

jadenkorri1990d ago

used sales is a multi billion industry, companies can't restrict used sales. If they try, what do they actually think every person who buys used gonna start buying new, i doubt it.

pixelsword1990d ago

Dear Sony:

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't confirm this until GameStop is GONE!

Just kidding.

Sony probably won't do any of that; and if they do, they should merely have the PS4 confirm that it's a PS4 game in the console, and that's all; anything else will incur the wrath of the hackers.

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user39158001991d ago

LMAO... It wont work, if they dont let them play what they had and all the games they bought from shops, they will loose over 1/3 of gamers. Lets be honest, most peple buy used games cause they cant be found anymore or dont want to loose money on games that they are not sure are worth full price, or cant aford a new game, besides saving a few bucks for a use game. I have no problem with developers gaining their share, but games are overpriced, we dont run the used sale market of gaming and we should not be penalised for stuff that are legal to use by law, besides it will be a monopoly if Sony decides to get rid of a format that is here, We can use MS as an example for monopoly or att among of the many who tried and got burned.

LNDCalling1991d ago

Have you ever wondered why their overpriced?

What if half of gamers decided to only buy used.. 50% buy the game and the devs get money the other 50% buy it off the first and the devs get f*#ck all!

The people who will refuse to buy-in to next gen because of this won't be missed by developers as they mostly likely wouldn't have bought games new anyway!

Used games will only push up prices, push devs to produce more games in a quicker time frame with less care taken (see casual IOS / Android games etc) - where there are no used sales and small quickly produced games are sold on mass at a massive profit with minimal additional costs i.e. publishers, shipping, insurance etc, this will eventually lead to more studios going casual or going bust!

TruthBTold1991d ago

I think the requirement should be for these stores reselling used games. Any video game they take must be scanned. Before they can resell it they must pay a fee to Sony for reselling used IP. For people out on the street just switching games or selling on their own, not really making a business of it, they should have no restrictions.

LackTrue4K1991d ago

You know what? This comment dose make a lot of sense!! What if this is force on places like "GameStop"...
"I agree with you a 100%, and this would be a smart/great move for Sony!"

Oner1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

TruthBTold ~ "I think the requirement should be for these stores reselling used games. Any video game they take must be scanned. Before they can resell it they must pay a fee to Sony for reselling used IP. For people out on the street just switching games or selling on their own, not really making a business of it, they should have no restrictions."

This is the perfect solution for all parties and what I hope will happen for ALL companies in the industry (not just Sony per se).

crazysammy1990d ago

The one thing a lot of people are missing is that if GameStop doesn't make money off used games, they will close stores and lose money. If they didn't push preorders so heavy these developers wouldn't get half the number sold on day 1.

I worked at GS a long time, and have no love for them believe me, but taking them out of the equation will hurt new games sales a lot.

born2live1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I don't see how that makes any sense at all. Those costs will end up being passed on to the customers, in one form or another, and used games may no longer represent enough savings to be worth the buy.

Besides, the whole notion is just about milking more money from us! If I sell my car to someone else, the car maker does not make a penny more on that transaction! That's how it works with pretty much everything! This will only restrict the consumers' rights, and there should be laws against that (and online passes!)

Tales RPG addict1990d ago

in fact for every game sold used at Gamestop the developers should be given back 40% in the least. If GAMESTOP doesn't like it then how about developers threaten to never sell retail and digital copies to Gamestop anymore

That'll shut them up quickly, as they'd not want to lose their revenue.

rainslacker1990d ago


Shutting out gamestop, or any other major retailer (remember Best Buy and Amazon do used as well), the developers lose a hell of a lot of retail space for distributing their games. DD may one day make them unnecessary in their current capacity, but believe me that these retail outlets have a lot of sway over the publishers and manufacturers.

Cutting them out would be a huge blow to retail sales. Although that may be a short term problem, as consumers would adapt, but I doubt the publishers are willing to suffer through the down time while those consumers are adapting.

What Truth suggested is good in principal, as it returns a portion of the sale back to the developer/publisher. However that cost is passed on to the consumer. That either means that GameStop is now giving less for the trade in (sure people will blame GS for that and not the developers), or selling the game for more to the buyer. If it was something reasonable, say a couple of dollars to the original publisher, then it can be within reason to do such a thing.

However, in the US, corporations are people. As such they can not be coerced into doing something that isn't required for the average Joe to do. This means that if they allow anyone to trade/sell their games to anyone, they have to allow it for those stores as well. They could however make it worth these retailers while to give back, but it still screws the Average Joe, pretty much forcing us to either pay a company to clear the protection, or to trade in with those retailers...something I'm sure they would love.

TruthBTold1990d ago

GS rips people off. I have only purchased one game from them which they say was new. They buy a game from customer A for hardly anything and turn around to resell it at around 10% less than what it would cost someone to buy it new. I'm sure they can give some of that cut to publishers as they also sell new games, accessories and consoles. They would most likely have. Hard time passing the extra cost to consumers as they would be charging at new cost, people would rather buy new. Amazon and other retailers are not in the business to sell used games, only GameStop. For me I feel the publishers and studios are the ones that deserve the credit and not GS for reselling used games. If they go out of business than people who want to buy used games would still be able to buy through eBay, Craig's List and the used games feature from places like Amazon which are all cheaper than GS.

rainslacker1990d ago

Whether or not GS rips people off isn't the issue. Gamestop is still one of the largest seller of video games in the US, followed only by amazon. Amazon also facilitates the trade in of video games to it's 3rd party sellers. Best Buy also takes trade ins, and they are no slouch in the market. Many mom & pop or smaller chain game stores simply HAVE TO HAVE trade ins to make a profit.

What you suggest is cutting all of them out of the market unless they bow to the publisher demands. These places have a lot more say in the industry than you give them credit for.

No matter how you spin it, those costs will be passed onto the consumer. I believe in supporting the developer, but there is no way in hell publishers are going to give up the retail space next gen.

As far as buying from all those sources you mentioned, yeah it can work to the consumers advantage, but they aren't as convenient as walking into a store, browsing it's selection, and picking up a game. Quite a bit of purchases are made on impulse, and that's a lot of money lost to remove it from the market.

I love how much people hate on Gamestop because of their trade in practices, but don't ever once stop to realize that GS, or any other retailer, get's a very small cut of that $60 game. Markup is much less than every other retail market out there.

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MostJadedGamer1991d ago

Sony won't use it at all unless MS also blocks used games sales. Otherwise it would kill PS4 sales.

Neither Sony nor MS will block used games sales by themselves because it would give the other side an unbeatable advantage.

Fel081990d ago

So you never bought a single used game in your whole life?? BS

AAACE51990d ago

Why would they go through all this trouble if they let developers decide?

showtimefolks1990d ago

what is this kind of thing is used for pc,next xbox and ps4? than will you guys quit gaming just because publishers are trying to make more money?

so you rather gamestop,bestbuy and gamefly make hundreds of millions in profits?

you don't have a problem with some moron walking into gamestop and getting a newly released game used and save $5?

personally i think its gonna take some real man balls to block used game sales, but i do expect the online pass to jump from 10 to $15. so if there is a game you want to play online get ready to pay one way or another

yeahokchief1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

i totally agree.

i'm all for locking games to consoles.

i love supporting developers.

i have never bought a used game in my life.

i want gamestop to go down in flames.

oricon1990d ago

I dont like the idea of restricting but its the best Sony has to go if they want to release a system with a graphical leap compared to PS3 games as you know it cost a lot to make this gen and a lot longer develop, noticed how only this gen theres been a drop in quality and games have been rushed this is why, ive always argued that current gens got on to the market to early, i believe the gaming industry would have been at a better position than it currently is, we've seen big publishers go under like THQ and devlopers that were highly rated like Silcon Knights, but as you know most people want much more powerful hardware they want to play games that are super realistic, most people think with new systems games are easier to develop and cheaper no that's not the case.

More powerful consoles are great for the consumers but not the developers because of the increase costs, actually not great for consumers because there will be a drop in quality of games. If the game industry keeps heading to this direction it will start effecting the biggest of publishers like EA to the point 1st party developers will be the only one making the good games just because they need to sell the system. Notice how last gen alot of the top games were by smaller devs but that time pretty much ended once the HD consoles and only the titles backed by big publishers like EA, Ubisoft have only really made it big, its rare that smaller devs have had success on HD consoles unless its on handheld, same reason why Japanese devs haven't done well because JP developers are small.

What console manufacturing is look ways to make the new console easier and cheaper to develop on rather than focus on graphics and power however that wont happen because it will cause a s****** with everyone crying about their graphics are not super powerful as they would expect it would be, this patent is in the step in the right direction as it gives 3rd party security on the profit they make on games but obviously the public will hate the idea but its a necessary step if you want much powerful systems and 3rd party to try to keep quality up in new systems.

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conjurdevil1991d ago

I see no harm for single-player games/campaign.
But if this is to happen , don't make games more expensive , I understand costs for development are high but average consumer during holiday season cannot get all the games , thats half the reason some well-deserved games do not get sales since big ones tend to overshadow them.

PopRocks3591991d ago

I agree with this. If used games are to be restricted, at least drop the price tag of the average video game. $40-$50 and below still seems reasonable.

1upgamer991991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

So if you break your PS4 Or it just burns out,and you get another PS4 do you want to have to buy your games all over again? How bout this, you own BOPS3 for your PS4 your friend does not have it, and you want to bring it to his house and play, guess what you can not do it.

PopRocks3591991d ago

Sorry, let me rephrase. IF it comes to this, that's what I would like to see happen. To be perfectly honest, I'd rather it didn't happen at all.

Farsendor11991d ago

you can usually find those prices about a month after a game releases on the internet.

conjurdevil1991d ago


I do not believe it would be that harsh. if it ties down to your username and you can download your profile on your friends PS4 and play the game , it should be fine.

Imalwaysright1990d ago

And if someone doesnt have an internet connection?

Tei7771991d ago


Currently your downloads are connected to your account on PSN, not your system. Just pray you don't forget your password and your old email address that you signed up with like i did lol

Tales RPG addict1990d ago

yeah and I know PS4 wouldn't do something stupid like Nintendo has done with the Wii U. The account you have on your Wii U is tied to your system so if it gets stolen, dies or whatever your FUCKED and have to pay to download all those games you bought in the First Place.

Now wouldn't that be a bitch and a half.

InTheZoneAC1990d ago

people have no reason to have so many emails...

whatever it was though, if you forget the password just click the box that says "forgot password"


000011991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

the video gaming industry is the biggest bunch of babies ive ever seen. seriously dvds and blurays, cd's and mp3s, and comics and books are all typically under the video game standard of $60 and you don't see these industries trying to go after content or purchases for additional money or restricting the reselling of any of those things ive listed above. i mean i already bought the system, paid for the internet, paid for xbl, usually bought a second controller, and purchased a game. why are gaming companies and console companies so asinine?? so now this generation im expected to pay for dlc which is now usually game content purposefully withheld form the original game itself only to just be made available a week later at an extra cost. or now we have season passes for continuing content of many online shooters or fighters which are typally free on pc. and now these companies want to restrict used game sales for those of us who don't have cash to drop on a new $60 game each time one comes out, or if we want to barrow a friends game and try it out. console gaming is becoming a complete joke....

Gr811991d ago

This is what happens right before an industry implodes. They punish the consumers.

KontryBoy7061991d ago

I went on over to PC gaming a few months back... haven't looked back since.

000011991d ago

i wish i could, i just don't have money being a college student. too many upgrades, too little know how on my part. just not the right time for me haha.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1990d ago

How do console gamers keep saying no used games will destroy console gaming? It's not killing pc..

The people who don't give devs money are keeping console gaming alive and well?

rainslacker1990d ago


It's hard to say. Since evidence tends to be anecdotal on how much it actually affects new games sales. It's similar to the piracy issue, does a used/pirated game being used translate to a lost sale. In some cases yes, in other cases no.

There are many things I could point out, but most of you have probably seen the arguments before, especially in the last few days. Some of the arguments that are pro-piracy can be directly applied to the used game market as well. The biggest difference is that a lot of times people are trading in games to finance new game purchases, and even with a traded game there was at least one initial purchase, unlike piracy.

I think what these companies will find by restricting used game sales is not what they are hoping. I believe it will have an inverse effect with fewer games sold, especially at current prices.

The initial backlash will be extreme, and the ongoing disillusionment of the average consumer will become greater as time goes on. Eventually many of these consumers may move to a different gaming market, or just drop gaming to look for another form of entertainment to spend their money on. There are already plenty which are cheaper to choose from.

While extreme, if consumer interest drops enough, it is the kind of thing that can lead to an industry wide crash, and any company looking to implement this should consider the negatives heavily, and prove to us it's a good thing before going ahead with it. This removal of ownership, on this level, is extremely anti-consumer.

If this generation has shown me anything, it's that the gaming industry doesn't seem to care for it's consumers, and we are nothing but a number for their charts. That needs to change, not just for the industry sakes, but the consumers sake as well.

InTheZoneAC1990d ago

it's your fault you decided to pay for rip off xbox live and DLC is NEVER forced upon you to buy.

game developers never see any money from the system you bought, from the internet provider you have, from the wasted money towards XBL, or from the second controller.

video games cost quite a bit to make, probably around $25 million, and don't sell as well as movies, so obviously the price is going to be higher.

games would need to sell around half a million just to break even. It seems most games that don't "stand out" end up selling around that mark.

and you wonder why they're $60.

if you never had any intentions on buying a variety of games, then you probably never would buy it if it was cheap anyway.

and games were even more expensive when everyone was making less money back when snes/n64 were out, why complain now?

and it's "borrow", no "a" in there anywhere, ever, in any language.

000011990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

so what the hell did your pathetic rant have to do with used games not being allowed?? that was seriously some dumb shit you just wrote, i'm not even going to waste my time correcting your post because it literally had nothing to do with used games. your rant was basically "why aren't all gamers like me!?"...give me a fucking break. btw what it took the avengers film to make 1 billion dollars over the course of weeks and weeks, took call of duty black ops II to sell in two weeks. so bullshit video games dont sell as well as movies.

Mr-Dude1991d ago

I'm sure it will not happen! This thing surfaces every time a new console is about to arrive. Microsoft had a shitstorm to endure about this same subject, now it's Sony.

The big three aren't stupid, they know everybody buys 2nd hand games! They will destroy their own company, and sales will fail so it will never happen. Don't you guys have brains and think? It's just some old patent some idiot used as a new DOOM article... because it's 2013 and the doomz haz tho continue he?


Jadedz1991d ago

Honest question (that I want to know the answer to).

Hellsvacancy1991d ago

Nobody on N4G can answer that buddy

InTheZoneAC1990d ago

amazing how there is no answer yet you still get disagrees

freezola751991d ago

Actually, with the acquisition of Gakai, I'm putting my money on the fact that Sony will use it in the next system they make. It will allow the user to access a bevy of games from previous consoles.

So yes I think this will be the case. Of course it's just me speculating on the uncertain but they would NOT spend that much money on it and not use it.