BioShock Industrial Rev was Created to “Introduce the Themes, Locations and Players of the Big Game”

Anyone who pre-orders BioShock Infinite will receive a code to play BioShock: Industrial Revolution, a puzzle game created by Lazy 8 Studios. If you’ve yet to check it out, Rob Jagnow, founder of Lazy 8 Studios, was interviewed by the Irrational Games website and he told them how they went from creating their puzzle game, COGS, to making a pre-order bonus for one of the biggest games of 2013.

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TrendyGamers1963d ago

It's one of the best pre-order bonuses in recent memory.

doctorstrange1963d ago

Absolutely, an entire game!

dbjj120881963d ago

Agreed. Glad I put $5 down.

Foolsjoker1963d ago

So glad I pre-ordered a copy already!

ftwrthtx1963d ago

What platform does BioShock: Industrial Revolution play on?

TrendyGamers1963d ago

Just PC. It's a flash game.

ftwrthtx1963d ago

Might be interesting. Thanks for the info

dbjj120881963d ago

Good enough to stand on its own, pretty cool as a bonus.