What eSports Needs In 2013

An article written by Ace Of Death for where he lays out what he thinks the esports industry needs to do to grow in 2013. The article talks about the games that will drive the scene forward and how the community can help.

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FragDojo1963d ago

Fixed the issues addressed to the right

Blackdeath_6631963d ago

there should be esorts for consoles games like fifa and gran turismo can/are be/being played competitively. i remember being on the leaderboards in killzone2. maybe there should be a regional monthly leaderboard where a player is picked out each time and then the player picked can join a tournament which will be live-streamed

DestinyHeroDoomlord1963d ago

Haha "band new community", few good points though.

FragDojo1962d ago

haha thanks, I knew I would miss something when I wrote this. I fixed it