Without Mario, Who Would Be Nintendo’s Mascot?

Who Gets Your Vote?

As anyone that has even fleetingly dabbled in the noble art of video game-ery will attest, Mario is THE ONE. He has the capacity to see the Matrix. Indeed, such is his fame, the moustachioed maestro consumed both of Morpheus’s pills. And proceeded to give him the disdainful middle finger after doing so.

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prototypeknuckles1749d ago

link, hes pretty much second in command anyway.

Jadedz1749d ago

Or Mr.Game & Watch xD.

PopRocks3591749d ago

I'm thinking Link. Easy on the eyes and he's a good hero.

ChickeyCantor1748d ago

Game & watch obviously.
He would easily fit into a logo as well.

EddieNX 1748d ago

100%. Not even debatable. Link is pissed off he's not first. He thinks his games are better.....

kirbyu1749d ago

I was gonna pick Kirby, but now I'm gonna pick Toad just because he's hated by many for no reason. And when people say Toad's gay? Seriously, where did they get that?

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The story is too old to be commented.