Razer Sabertooth Elite Gaming Controller for Xbox 360 Review - GamingShogun writes, "The Razer Sabertooth is available now and is clearly aimed at the tournament/hardcore gamer crowd. For this purpose, it retails for reasonable $79.99. If you are a casual Xbox 360 gamer, though, you might want to stick with the stock controller unless you really need the extra buttons. For you hardcore gamers out there, pick this one up and frag on!"

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sovietsoldier1938d ago

will be picking one up very soon.

j4re1938d ago

Never again. Had the razr onza and broke with minimal use after just 3 months. Good luck though to those who give it a shot.

SomikSharma1937d ago

Razer technology is always awesome for gamers. This controller looks great and will get lot of attention from Xbox and PC users. Thanks for posting!