[News] Connecticut Group to Seek and Destroy Violent Video Games

A group of citizens of the town of Southington, Connecticut have organized and created a program whose sole mission is to rid their town of violent video games. In a previous article, I referenced how various organizations had been flirting with the idea that video games were the cause of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, however, that idea has now taken form into the country’s first “Violent Video Game Return Program.”

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Snookies121932d ago

Lol, what misguided idiots these people are...

rainslacker1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I love when people or groups like this say that there is ample evidence of what they are are against, yet decline to actually offer up any of that evidence.

I couldn't tell if that paragraph after the quote meant that the guy saying this was saying that it has yet to be found, or if that was the authors commentary. If the former, then this group is part of the problem.

Bimkoblerutso1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

People don't know when they're letting fear and mourning cloud their better judgement. I understand that people have trouble explaining things like all these recent shootings, but that doesn't make their witch hunts any more righteous.

The best thing we can possibly do as gamers is to compose ourselves and not become guilty of the same cloudy judgement when we deal with these ass clowns.

rainslacker1931d ago

I understand completely why these types of people believe what they do. It's because it's what they've heard, and what they believe. I also know that in their minds, for the most part, they believe they are right in their assertions.

I'm not against people trying to make a change, quite the contrary. I am against spreading the same ignorance before they truly understand what they are trying to preach, particularly when it involves non-factual data.

For the most part, the people on both sides of the debate are taking a very black and white view of the topic. There is no middle ground, and reasoned discourse has not come about because of what's happened. It's more one side blaming the other, and that other side defending itself, calling those people stupid or ignorant. That needs to change, because the issue at hand is much more complex than the sensational nature of what's currently being presented.

MmaFan-Qc1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

the police should monitor this group very closely, because THATS the kind of peoples who would be dangerous with even the smallest amount of power between their hands. remind me of ceremonial books burning in Germany and Austria by classical liberal, anarchist, socialist, pacifist, communist, Jewish, and other authors whose writings were viewed as subversive or whose ideologies undermined the National Socialist administration.

"Action against the Un-German Spirit" they said...

i can see a certain parallel....

Blaze9291931d ago

people still try to "blame" videogames? smh...feel like the 90s all over again. Thought we were past this stage :-/

DeadlyFire1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

You guys know what I am going to do? Send them an angry letter full of violent video game pictures and children playing them.

Southington Town Hall 75 Main Street Southington, CT 06489

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badjournalism1932d ago

Nothing brings a community together like a good, old-fashioned book-burning party!

Muffins12231932d ago

Have fun trying to do that....

Tctczach1932d ago

It's funny how one person can do all of this.

OhReginald1932d ago

Just one question....where is this dumpster? free video games anyone :)))

GenericNameHere1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Better not be full of Barbie Sunshine Omega XV: Rainbows and Kitties From The Blue Skies Chapter 3DS, then :/

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