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Wutsa Indie Game

An article explaining the Indie Game movement, and how organizations such as Kickstarter and Humble Bundle is changing the playing field for small, independent developers, with big ideas. (Culture, Dev, Humble Store, Industry, Kickstarter, Marcus "Notch" Persson, PC)

BattleAxe  +   564d ago
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Blacktric  +   563d ago
"An article explaining the Indie Game movement..."

So now it's a "movement".

Trying this hard to convince people like you're contributing to something mindblowing... Sad. Nothing more.
hylandpad  +   557d ago
I'm sorry you don't feel the same. But, technically it is a movement, and you would be very wrong to say otherwise. Perhaps if you had actually read the article, it would have been very clear that it IS in fact a movement, by independent developers who are looking for alternative avenues of publication.

You are not obligated to share my opinion of course,and I welcome dissent, but please do not make assumptions as to my motives. I simply want to voice my opinion on my observations.
Nothing less or more than that.

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