Why the PlayStation 4 Won't Block Used Games

Push Square: "Sony likes to patent a lot of things. The manufacturer is so trigger-happy with its technology registrations that we could probably dedicate the entirety of our editorial output to the innumerable crazy ideas that the company has. The reason that we don’t is because ideas aren’t nearly as interesting as final products, and a lot of time patents amount to little more than wasted paper and bad diagrams. It’s for that reason that you probably shouldn’t worry too much about today’s anti-used games filing."

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PopRocks3591934d ago

Not to be a stooge, but why make the patent in the first place?

smashcrashbash1934d ago

The same reason why they patent anything.If it comes down to this they have first dibs. That doesn't necessarily mean it will be implemented any time soon. It's just an idea and not necessarily set in stone

PopRocks3591934d ago

I see what you mean, but I'm confused as to why Sony would want to have "first dibs" on something of this nature. Unless it's their way of protecting the used game market from anyone ever trying to do this? I don't know, it doesn't make much sense to me.

Zuperman1934d ago

Why can't they just make it simple........


sikbeta1934d ago


They patent loads of stuff for no real use, at some point it'll reach patent-trolling status, they have a tablet controller, kind of like the Wii-U XP and the other crazy s#*t was in-game-advertising "*best brand soda*" lol


They'll not do it simply because it'll be Suicide, no one would buy a console that doesn't let you buy/sell used games when there are other alternatives...

SilentNegotiator1934d ago

1) Patent trolling/licensing
2) In case everyone else starts doing it
3) More patent trolling

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get2sammyb1934d ago

It's to protect the idea. Just because they've registered it, doesn't mean it has to be implemented. A similar patent was actually registered for the PS3, too.

sikbeta1934d ago

In theory, you patent an idea to implement it or with the purpose of doing it, IF not, what you're doing is called patent-trolling, like some companies do to take advantage of others that can create a product/service based on that idea, just to get cash from them without doing much

boybato1934d ago

yeah.. hopefully no one adopts this silly idea...

BitbyDeath1934d ago

Some say if you don't make a patent at least once every 3 months then Apple will come out and sue you.

prototypeknuckles1934d ago

so true, correct me if im wrong but, didnt they patent a controller that looks like the playstation controller not to long ago?

Thatguy-3101934d ago

It's either this Gen or never. Little by little everything will be digital or saved to a cloud service. So I think it will be this Gen. However, they could use it to block certain features from the game period. Or it could be just to block exclusive titles that it publishes.

jon12341934d ago

you shouldnt be confused, its all very simple, and it should make perfect sense as to why sony or any company does anything, and that is for MONEY!!

rainslacker1934d ago

There could be any number of reasons.

1. They see that some hardware manufacturer may wish to implement this. May not be for consoles, but any number of consumer devices with related media, so now they have a money making patent.

2. To block the idea from ever being used in another device.

3. To not have to print up those online pass cards for inclusion into retail products, which can be lost or stolen, thus causing customer service issues or returned merchandise which they now have to credit the distributor for. They've already removed instruction manuals in PSV games, so those extra cents for those cards can add up. This is a very feasible use of the system, and doesn't necessarily lock out the game for resale. Cross-buy is already using something like this.

4. They patent stuff which may have some use just because. Sony owns thousands of patents, and a lot of them go unused.

5. They actually do want to lock out the used game market on their next system, or any number of other devices they intend to make through Sony itself, or any number of it's subsidiary companies.

So far people are jumping the gun on this patent, and making assumptions that are based on nothing but speculation. As of yet, Sony has done nothing to warrant the hate it's getting over this.

jujubee881934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Sony has hired all these engineers over at SCEJ, it kinda has become like that saying "An Infinite number of monkeys can type Shakespeare."

'Cept SCEJ have come up with crappy stuff as well. Like this blocking used games thingy.

Anon19741934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

They've had patents for this type of tech since 2000. I pointed this out before, the exact same conversation was had in 2006 when Sony patented a similar system that would allow games to be signed on one console and one console only. People were losing their minds because they assumed the tech would wind up inside the PS3. It didn't, and it won't this time.

Looking back I see Kotaku was all over this, claiming you're not actually going to own PS3 games you buy.

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MultiConsoleGamer1934d ago

It wont block old content, it will just sell it back to you for a monthly fee.

Brian1rr1934d ago

Maybe they'll just do what they did with the vita and only block trophies

maniacmayhem1934d ago

This was a heated topic a while back when rumors of the Next Xbox and PS4 where said to have either digital only or some kind of tech that didn't allow 2 hand games played.

Funny that this has come up again.

2nd hand games have done nothing to the industry in any way to suggest that it hurt devs or publishers. All it comes down to is these big companies wanting to squeeze every bit they can out of the consumer.

If gamestop and other places are such a threat as some of these big wigs claim then go all digital.

vega2751934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

actually this was a heated conversation back when it was leaked that sony was thinking of doing it in 2006. i think the only reason they never went forward with the idea was because it generated such backlash and the idea was just shelved until a later date. which maybe now with these new systems from MS and sony.

As you said these corporations are just looking at the bottom line and seeing just how much money they can keep squeezing out of gamers by claiming how much it's hurting the industry so they can gain enough support to push this idea and gamers would understand and support it. but really the publisher are the real cause of the problem.

i see this ending 2 ways which isn't good. 1)sony looking to be patient trolls. hoping to get paid if another company tries to use it much like what apple does, or 2)sony actually does follow through on this later on down the road and many other companies take note and start following suit because sony was sucessful at doing it.

either way it won't be good for us gamers and the only reason it's not happening now is because gamestop and many other retail outlets still hold some power over selling these items if they feel they will be cut out and may choose not to sell these products. which would hurt these companies since both depend on one another to make money.

EddieNX 1934d ago

This would be suicide for Sony. Surely they won't do it.

The second hand game industry is worth billions. And it's those billions which keep the roundabout swinging for Sony. I know tons of people who ONLY buy pre owned games , obviously because they're cheaper.

It seems like a horrible Selfish and quite frankly disasterous thing to do.

TronEOL1934d ago

The used game industry being a billion dollar industry is exactly why Sony and others want a piece. It's money being made off their games. And all those potential buyers are buying used when they COULD be buying new and making publishers some money, who can then go on to fund more risky ventures.

People need to take their heads out of their asses. Games are expensive to make. That's an absolute fact. And just because they make their money back doesn't mean it was worth it. They need to make their money back and then some.

I'm betting if developers/publishers made a piece of used game sales, we wouldn't be having this problem and we would have seen far less studios close down this generation.

Because most games that sell "badly" probably have sold quite well used.

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