Why Do Women Hate Call of Duty?

Cheat Code Central's Josh Wirtanen writes: "Not too long ago, I wrote a nice little article about what exactly it is that makes Call of Duty so addictive. While I was satisfied with myself for being so scientific and well-spoken about my approach to discussing the topic, I must admit that there’s a caveat that I failed to mention: Women, for the most part, are immune to its psychological manipulation."

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smashcrashbash1904d ago

It because, like my friend's girlfriend told him, 'It just running from one room or location to another shooting people'. They see the game for the simplicity it is. That is all they see it as. They don't care how real the explosions are or how real the blood or trees look. They see the game for what it really is. A mindless, violent romp from on point to another.I have sisters and they prefer something more then that. For many guys that is all they need but they don't see it that way.

Nes_Daze1904d ago

I agree, Black Ops 2 was a good game, but the campaign was too repetitive, and the online maps sucked. I prefer games that have a little more freedom online and in campaign.

LackTrue4K1904d ago

i blame it on the immature kids playing online.

DigitalRaptor1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Does it make me more feminine if I also have a taste for experiences beyond Michael Bay: The Game?

rainslacker1904d ago

I actually know more women that play COD than I do men. Although I know that's not necessarily the case among it's fan base.

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MidnytRain1904d ago

Before looking at the article: their boyfriends/husbands ignore them for the next prestige. X)

venom061904d ago

It's not just women that hate Lag of Duty.. Anyone that enjoys an actual military FPS with good connection, map design and hate people "camping for killstreaks" hates Lag of Duty as well... Man or woman...

Cam9771904d ago

Add to that hoards of 12-year old "squeakers" and it is clear why everybody hates it.

specsmatter1904d ago

Idk what kind of girls you guys are dealing with but even the prissy girly girls ive dealt with i made into gamers and they love COD and Uncharted. The only thing they might argue about from time to time is that i spend more time gaming then on them lol

ShaunCameron1904d ago

According to one female comment, it seems that COD gets straight to the point. And she like her games all (pointlessly) convoluted.

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