Digital downloads will be Blu-ray's downfall

With the fall of HD DVD, Blu-ray has assumed the throne as the next format of choice, but its reign will be short-lived.

Blu-ray won't enjoy the same decade-long dominance DVD did after it succeeded VHS. But that's not because there will be other challenger physical disc formats. Rather, instead of buying discs from Amazon, Best Buy or Wal-Mart, people will begin getting their entertainment in the form of digital downloads in larger volumes.

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Lord Anubis3867d ago

paying a premium for your internet connection than buying movies with out having an establish service is something I'm not looking forward to.

SCThor3867d ago

but hey, that's just me.

Silellak3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Trust me, you aren't alone in that feeling.

Here's what I don't understand -

FREE, small-in-size MP3 downloads didn't kill the music CD. Why on Earth would huge pay-to-download MOVIES kill DVD/Blu-ray?

Lifendz3867d ago

will appeal to a small segment of the movie buying public. People still want the traditional physical copy. And do you really think the retailers will go along with this? Stop the madness already. Digital Downloads are just as feasible of becoming mainstream as a one console future.

IntelligentAj3867d ago

DD will be Blu-ray's downfall when in 5-10 years?

ruibing3867d ago

And torrent will be DD's downfall.

Kaneda3867d ago

Just imagine how many HD you need for your movies collection...

choldstare3867d ago

I am not sure how long it would take downloading up to 100 gb of media... Dont think our internet connections are capable of that. Rather make a 5 minute drive to the closest movie place.

gaffyh3867d ago

For God's sake can we stop with these digital distribution will kill Blu-Ray stories now. Blu-Ray has won over HD-DVD, Digital distribution is still miles away from being a popular form of downloading movies.

And I can guarantee if DD becomes the main method of releasing movies, pirates will be very very happy, they wouldn't even need to rip the movie from a dvd, just work out how to remove the DRM (which they wil figure out).

wallace10003867d ago

This may seem strange but i like having the case and an actual physical disc. I don't even burn movies because then you don't have the cover art and the case. I don't really want to download a bunch of movies onto a hard drive.

wow4u3867d ago

"FREE, small-in-size MP3 downloads didn't kill the music CD."

What? Perhaps you've missed, but the prices on CDs have plummeted. Dedicated music retailers are all but gone.

Download services like, itunes and the like are putting CDs out of business.

Yeah, the CD is dead as a doornail.

whoelse3867d ago

HD Downloads will start to have a big role for hd in at least 5 years. Right now, the only way to get full hd is with Blu-ray.

gonzopia3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

My ISP caps my bandwidth, as do many cable providers. I get 100GB UL/DL per month, and that's a premium service. These HD movies are 20GB on the small end. I could use my internet connection for regular stuff, or download 5 movies a month, and not use it for anything.

I'll stick with Blu-ray for my HD content, thanks - unless my ISP wants to remove my cap at no extra cost, and give me a download speed that wouldn't take two days per movie.

OmegaKulu3866d ago

Also do not forget that many ISP do not provide fast enough or large enough bandwidth(with many going by a limited bandwidth per month now), DD wont work nearly as great as physical disks.

LastDance3866d ago

Forget if people CAN do it. I myself dont know anyone who WOULD do it.

lessthanmarcus3866d ago

Someone is bitter Blu Ray won. Digital downloads will NEVER make it big. Personally, I don't want an invisible copy of a movie. Second, I can't see the average person wanting to download a movie. You should see how computer illiterate the average person is.

Cryos3866d ago

But you know what's coming back?


guess what, there will ALWAYS be a physical format.

sonarus3866d ago

yawn...just like hd-dvd low prices would kill blu ray and blu ray will kill the ps3. Everyone knows digital downloads won't be taking off anytime soon so why are we talking about it now. If you don't want to buy a blu ray player but instead wait for digital downloads then sure wait then.

socsca3866d ago

What kind of internet connections do you guys have? I'm sitting on 100mbit and I can tell its absolutely no problem downloading HD movies and storing them on an external 500 GB HDD, the majority don't have 100mbit, but its becoming more common (sweden). I (and many others) have been doing this for a while now, no point in having a nice lcd otherwise. I seriously doubt that DD will be blu-rays downfall, however I also doubt that there will be another format after Blu.

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pwnsause3867d ago

are they still with this? do they realize that this is gonna take a long to for that to happen? These HD-DVD fanboys just dont know when to give up

CrazzyMan3867d ago

1) There quality of Digital downloads(DD) is not that good as on blu-ray disc(BD).
2) People are willing to have physical discs of they favourite games/movies.
3) DD is good for RENTING, but BD will be a good for a GOOD quality and having for a long time.

wow4u3867d ago

You're both dead wrong. Half of present internet traffic is *already* P2P / bittorrent downloads.

Give it a rest. The Age of Digital Distribution exploded during the days of Napster.

The present format is already Digital Distribution.

gEnKiE3867d ago

Ya, i love now that HD-DVD is dead that all these articles come out saying Blu-Ray is going to lose to downloads...... lame

gonzopia3867d ago

Downloading a .AVI compressed at 700kbps and sized down to 800MB is not what we're talking about here. If you want true 1080P HD content, you'll be downloading 20GB files.

A) Takes too long.
B) Takes too much bandwidth for most people.
C) No physical media - and folks like physical media.

P2P is not the answer for HD content.

nicholascage243866d ago

i dont understand how you get away evertime by posting crap.

This guy TROLLS all ps3/blu ray related threads. I think he is one mad HD DVD owner who finds respite by bashing ps3/blu ray

Genesis53866d ago

Not to mention I only like to buy previously viewed movies from the rental stores they are way cheaper. I don't want any movie bad enough to pay full price for it.

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Jack Bauer3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

ill stick with getting something in return for my money.... hard media for the win!!!!!... DDs will only be an option, not a replacer... this should just be a duplicate story... there are like 50 of these annying articles...

Proxy3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

We saw a few articles talking about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray co-existing; which is just plain silly. But we havn't seen one article that suggests DD and BD will co-exists, which is 100 times more likely.

What does the music industry think of DD? Why would the movie industry think any differently?

A bubble for you.

WAR_MACHINE773866d ago

I agree that the 2 will co-exist. The whole reason is that DRM will keep people from owning what they buy via DD so no matter how you look at it you can only rent. DD is not a threat to Blu-ray in any way, but Blockbuster and the local video rental stores better watch their asses.

LastDance3866d ago

I agree big time. no replacment will happen. they will co exist.

Bubbles for all.

Mr_Kuwabara3867d ago

Old fashion people (yeah let's name it that) don't have the proper knowledge to even turn on a computer. I don't see how digital downloads are going to grow with many people not having the capability to do such a thing.

wow4u3867d ago

IPTV is everything on demand.

Click "Movie, select Romance, Click "When harry met sally*", Click Play

Not exactly a challenge.

*What you're inept user would likely be watching...

nicholascage243866d ago

oh yeah i will 3$ for a one time watch movie at 480p when i can purchase a hard copy Blu Ray disc at 1080p

if you TROLL anymore in the ps3/blu ray section with your FANTASTIC commments then you will be reported

no one is willing to stream 480p movies except xbox fans and hd dvd owners

monks3867d ago

i think this will take awhile to take affect

hear in the uk internet speeds are poor most people get about 2mb unless on cable

but like 90% are on standard broadband like BT running through a copper network and it will take years and billions to correct this

so it might work one day but not for quite sometime

and perosnally i like haveing my disks so i can see it when i like

resistance1003867d ago

I would say most of the Uk is around 1meg at peak times.

PLus the fact theres still a large amount which don't have the internet