Hacker unlocks the 3DS system kernel key to running pirated software

Currently, Neimod’s hack uses a very specific save game in a certain retail 3DS game to exploit the handheld’s hardware. The hacker doesn’t want to reveal which game permits this hack, because Nintendo could then easily patch it.

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chadboban1214d ago

Hmmm... sounds quite similar to a method I've heard of where a Twilight Princess save game is used to install the Homebrew Channel to the Wii.

Kratoscar20081214d ago

Indeed thats how my brother is able to run it.

Knight_Crawler1213d ago

If this is true then you can expect the 3DS numbers to triple in the coming months...Smart move Nintendo.

Gamer19821213d ago

Indeed DS sales were amazing but piracy really helped. I dont know a single person with legit games. They all have R4 carts or similar.

NYC_Gamer1214d ago

It was bound to get cracked open like every other piece of hardware

3GenGames1214d ago

Especially when they didn't include the best security device there is against it: A way to program the console. Look at the wasn't touched until they took Other OS away. Every other console was.

lodossrage1213d ago

George Hotz actually used other OS and a dongle to "hack" the ps3, THEN other OS was taken away and he found a way to do it without other OS being there.

3GenGames1213d ago

He hacked it because it was a challenge. Because nobody messed with it. Okay he did it, but who cares? It still delayed the hacking by SIX YEARS. Get over yourself, if they don't include a way to program the hardware directly, they should be hacked WIDE open. Piracy is the punishment.

MooseWI1214d ago

Sadly, you can buy flash cards and have unlimited games, know a few people >_>

Samus HD1214d ago

you mean no 3ds games??!

Eamon1214d ago

Actually, the currently existing flashcarts only run DS games.

As of now, no way to run pirated 3DS games.

Samus HD1213d ago

thanks Eamon.. Bubble up

FriedGoat1213d ago

It's been known that the old DS flashcards work on the 3DS in DS mode since launch. What this will enable eventually is full 3DS mode support for homebrew. Seems the developers are activley against piracy so no need to worry until some black hats get hold of it.

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the worst1214d ago

yes this is what i wanted to hear

Kratoscar20081214d ago

You are the worst ;)

Anyway i think it was going to happen to some extent and now that people are really upset with Nintendo for region lock the system will be more hacked that even the DS (The psp in second place)because people are mad with nintendo.

ElectricKaibutsu1214d ago

I don't like piracy but I HATE region locking :(

ShaunCameron1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

@ ElectricKaibutsu

But unfortunately region-locking is here to stay as long as economic and cultural protectionism exist.

Don't be surprised if Sony goes to back region-locking for their next home console or handheld. Besides, region-freedom has done nothing for them except lose money.

ElectricKaibutsu1213d ago


I'm afraid you might be right about that. It's a shame because I chose a PS3 over a 360 because I live away from my home country so having a region free system is important to me.

FriedGoat1213d ago

Bloody Sony, I love them but they got LikSang shut down because of selling imported goods and then they go and make the Vita region free.

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deletingthis346753341214d ago

So piracy is justified for Nintendo but not Sony, or so I gathered from your comment.

Yodagamer1214d ago

Well obviously it's won't be hard to patch since the guy isn't even giving away what game was used to hack it. I don't see it lasting long.

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