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Can DMC right the ship for Capcom? (

Can Capcom finally please fans with the new Devil May Cry? (Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

ritsuka666  +   1135d ago
Nope.jpg. So far it’s been getting mix reactions from veterans DMC players. They transformed Resident Evil, a survival horror game into a generic action game with no horror elements and now they have outsourced one of their biggest IPs to Ninja Theory the developers behind two weak games: Heavenly Sword and Enslaved.
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Chuk5  +   1135d ago
Enslaved was a good game, probably their best. Heavenly Sword wasn't very good in my opnion. DmC is a risky game, and I feel like that aspect is getting lost on some people who are mad that it isn't DMC5 (which is kind of ironic considering how much gamers have complained about companies being safe in the last 2 years).

I just can't see DmC pleasing anything even approximating a majority of DMC fans. That's just inconceivable to me. If nothing else, I think Capcom and NT should be commended for taking a risk in a gaming climate that's too scared to do anything.
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WolfLeBlack  +   1135d ago
I agree that Enslaved was a good game. Not great, but good. The gameplay was solid, with combat feeling meaty but a bit basic and climbing around was too easy, but the storyline and the characters were great.

"I just can't see DmC pleasing anything even approximating a majority of DMC fans. That's just inconceivable to me. If nothing else, I think Capcom and NT should be commended for taking a risk in a gaming climate that's too scared to do anything."

Pretty much the gist of what I was saying in my comment below. Gamers are always complainging that companies aren't willing to take a big risk with their established franchises these days. Well, Capcom has and everybody is was calling it crap before they'd even got a chance to explain.
ThanatosDMC  +   1135d ago
Or maybe Capcom doesnt know wtf they're doing anymore.
Enemy  +   1135d ago
Heavenly Sword had great music and a good story as well. Ninja Theory's problem is that their games are too short, too easy, and technically and graphically perform terribly. The demo didn't quite sell me on DmC but I'll give it a shot given good reviews and all. The controls are solid but the speed actually reminds me of DMC2.

We'll see.
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Godmars290  +   1135d ago
Think the point is while Enslaved was likely the best they could do, what they've done isn't the best in the industry. Not up to standards once set by games like DMC. While DmC might sell well, its going to set the industry back, not forwards. Lower standards.

As for Capcom, what's happened Street Fighter with DLC before hand, Megaman besides, all but says they're circling the bowl as a great developer.
Information Minister  +   1135d ago
@ WolfLeBlack - "Gamers are always complainging that companies aren't willing to take a big risk with their established franchises these days."

I don't entirely agree with you. Nobody wants a stagnant franchise but, if anything, gamers are always complaining that companies aren't willing to take risks BEYOND their established franchises, so we get sequel after sequel after sequel... We don't get many new IPs these days, which is exactly what this game should have been.
DarkZane  +   1135d ago
Enslaved was a good game, but incredibly short. It took me 10 hours to get the platinum trophy.

This is a problem with Ninja theory, their games are way too short.
Kevin ButIer  +   1135d ago
DmC doesn't feel like a bad game, it just shouldn't be called or make any reference to the original series.
WolfLeBlack  +   1135d ago
I honestly doubt the hardcore fans will be please, most because they genuinely don't like the game, but I also can't help but feel that many will dislike it because they'll be judging it in comparison to the original DmC games rather than on its own merits. When it comes to reboots I always try to base my opinion on their merits rather than what they're like compared to the original. It's like how I wouldn't judge the Amazing Spider-Man film against the Sam Raimi trilogy.

I've been with DmC since the beginning, and I'm interested to see what Ninja Theory do. At the end of the day people are always complaining that developers and publishers aren't willing to take chances with their biggest franchises, that they're not willing to try something radically different.

Look at Gears: Judgement, four games in and people saying its the same. The fifth DmC game is coming out and it is trying something different, radically different, so people are saying that's bad. Okay, they're not great comparisons: Gears is fresher in peoples minds because each new game has come out with fairly small gaps whereas the DmC games have come out over a longer timeframe, but still. I say at least give it an actual chance and don't go into it prejudiced. Maybe it'll be great, maybe it'll suck.
LordMe  +   1135d ago
It's DMC, not DmC. That's NT's little touch for thier game...

And the game would have made a better new I.P rather then trying to live off the name of a game that did not even need to be rebooted. The game doesn't play like DMC, and the problem is, if this game succeeds, we will likely never get another classic DMC game again.

The story to DmC is flawed, and kinda silly... He is a Nephilim which is a HUMAN and Angel, but in this he is Demon and Angel. The story went from normally evil cults and such to government is bad, and the villain is trying to control the world through debt... And even to the point of basically having you fight Bill O' Reilly... What part of that sounds like Devil May Cry?

The writing also seems like it was written by a 13 year old... The whole thing is bad, but this is NT's first time writing the script... Guess they showed their true colors.

And the gameplay has several problems...

There are just a few...

And Gears: Judgement did not change the artistic feel, DmC scrapped everything, and it truth, if they changed the games name, and the character names, it would be completely different. Since the story is almost 100% different.

I am not really against taking chances, but don't outsource. I prefer Japanese games, and them giving DMC to NT for 5mil sales, and then cutting the amount predicted down to 2mil, which is what DMC4 sold, what is the point? You are not aiming for a wider audience with the same sales figures...

EDIT: Also, NT's PR job has been horrible, they have spent 2 years calling Dante stupid and the Japanese lame. Which is a bad way to try and win the fans over, I know some of the fans are far from mature, but a company should never stoop that low. And why work on a game if you seemingly hate and detest the source material?
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LOGICWINS  +   1135d ago
"The story went from normally evil cults and such to government is bad, and the villain is trying to control the world through debt... And even to the point of basically having you fight Bill O' Reilly... What part of that sounds like Devil May Cry?"

It's not supposed to sound like Devil May Cry...its a REBOOT. The focus on the government/media as an antagonist in the game is to make the experience more relatable and culturally relevant, thus broadening the appeal of the game. It's an interesting take on the franchise IMO.

I'll judge the game on its own merits, not on past iterations.

"The writing also seems like it was written by a 13 year old... The whole thing is bad, but this is NT's first time writing the script... Guess they showed their true colors."

I like the writing. Gives the game a mature element. Demons/Monsters aren't supposed to be nice. From what I played in the demo, DMC has the most natural sounding voice acting in franchise history.

Dude, in DMC 3 Vergil sounded like he was from the Victorian Era!

A person would have to be deaf, delusional, or a combination of both to tell me that THIS voicework/script

sounds more natural than this voicework/script
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Root  +   1135d ago

I think the voice acting in the old DMC games is better then

"F*** You"
"F*** You"
"F*** You"


Must of been so hard to write this game
Chuk5  +   1135d ago
@Root no one said it was perfect. Not all the writing is gonna be great, I already no that. Not like Star Wars had golden globe material.
LordMe  +   1135d ago
To everyone...

Tameem said this project was to prove that games can have the same kind of writing seen in classic literature and praised movies. What part of what been seen in this script seems like it could stand with those?

Yeah, DMC has never had the best writing, but it was never trying to stand up with the best of the best.

And Ninja Theory has always hired writers to "fix" theirs scrips Tameem wrote up, except in DmC's case... They wanted to try on their own, and look how much worse this compares with HS.

This does not give it a mature element. It comes off a juvenile. What is a "Disgusting f**k child" while does Dante keep repeating lines said to him? It makes no sense at all.

It comes across as needless, much like the sex scene, what point did that have in the game? What does that even add to the plot? NOTHING, it was added in an attempt to be more "gritty and dark" but all it did was seem needless and childish. Almost like they added just to say "See we have a sex scene, it's mature."
yami930  +   1135d ago

When you are naming the reboot after the main series, it is inevitable to see comparisons, its very hard not to compare (it happens in all media, TV shows, movies and video games), they are basically asking for people to compare DMC with DmC (Ninja Theory themselves compare them while insulting fans, the series, and the creators of the series), which is why this should have been a completely new IP it would of been more of a win win for everyone. While judging the game on its own merits and treating it as a new IP sure it may be a decent-really good game, but as a Devil May Cry it already drops down below good despite not have playing the game yet, but having played the demo, seeing all the preview demo videos, reading all the previews, seeing all the trailers and behind the scenes videos etc. those are meant to "buy" the consumer, to convince them that the game is going to be a great and worthy product available for purchase, its to help people make up their mind if they should get it or not, so I feel I am able to judge the game based off those things, because that is why they provided those things to begin with, for people to make the judgement and determine if they want it or not, me personally (as you have stated your own opinion) I do not want the game, never plan on getting as it doesn't appeal to me in anyway, as a new game (very unappealing unlikeable characters and story, plus the execcisve curisng can ruin a game, ex Killzone 2 could have done better without cursing as much, fixed in Killzone 3) or as a DMC (probably because it is a western hack and slash game of a japanese franchise in the same way Ninja Gaiden 3 was and it was not great). I really hate how this seems to try and replace DMC instead becoming a spin off (similar to Resident Evil O.R.C was not Resident Evil 6, even though 6 became even more of an action game anyway) because now it doesnt seem as if DMC 5 is ever going to come with the way the are treating DmC, and if DmC succeeds they will continue that, if it fails they will conclude no one wants anything DMC related anymore and probably stop it altogether.

Now, I find it funny how you say you will judge the game on its own merits, then right after compare the voice acting of DmC to all past DMC games.
yami930  +   1135d ago
@LOGICWINS continued

Then, as you said "A person would have to be deaf, delusional, or a combination of both to tell me that THIS voicework/script ... sounds more natural than this voicework/script" you can say the same thing when comparing the gameplay and functions, seeing the second video showed everything that was awesome about DMC in that one video, the cool characters, the crazy action, the great style ranking meter, the lock on function, the flashy cool guns that usefully deal damage, the music and art direction and the fast fluid combat with style (even though the player in the vid was not the greatest, but he wasnt bad) Voice acting and dialouge was not he main focus of the game, it was fun, style, action and gameplay, not it seems to have flipped for DmC, they focused more on voice acting, dialouge (as of now doesnt look like they did that great) storytelling and making it more relatable (western thing) as well as putting their touch on it by making it more like Heavenly Sword. Also the writing doesnt seem to make it more mature, seems ironically more immature with all the cursing, this seems like a game targeted for western teens. A game with mature dialouge would be the Metal Gear Series, as for the demons, where is there rules for what demons are supposed to be like? Thats like saying all humans are supposed to be joyful and generous.

So to end this, to avoid comparison they should have not compared them or give it the same name as something else, would of been better for everyone and they seem to be making this game with the mindset of creating and gaining new fans for the series as opposed to making a game for fans of DMC.
LOGICWINS  +   1135d ago
^^Comparing the demo to DMC 3, YES, the gameplay is "faster" in terms of combat. I can't say whether or not that makes it better, its just different. I can enjoy fast paced hack n slash games like Bayonetta just as much as slow paced hack an slash games like GOW.

The new DMC will be paced more like GOW's combat, which is fine with me. In the full game, I suspect the game will open up as you gain more weapons and abilities..thus allowing you to chain multiple weapons in one combo like in that DMC3 vid.
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prototypeknuckles  +   1135d ago
yeah about the nephilim thing, just like the horsemen from darksiders which are also nephilim they look far from human and are giants, and in the nephilim myths they are giant disfigured creatures, yet new Dante looks completly normal, that makes no sense at all.
Blackdeath_663  +   1135d ago
no i don't think it will. capcom need to start over and create a series of great games from scratch. they have been on bad terms with fans of many series not just DMC fans their former glory can no longer be restored. new IP's are what they need to "right the ship" to bring in more new fans (after having lost them in the first place).
DrRobotnik  +   1135d ago
Nah, they're in to deep right now. They need to go back to the basics. Maybe release a game with secrets that you can unlock, utilizing skill not wallet.
Kurt Russell  +   1135d ago
This is the reason I don't buy Capcom anymore. I wanted StreetFighter X Tekken... then I realised most of the game has to be bought as DLC. GIVE US BACK UNLOCKABLES.
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FarCryLover182  +   1135d ago
This game may not be "true" DmC but I know this for a fact: it is leaps and bounds better than the RE6 atrocity that plagued gaming consoles worldwide in 2012.
FarCryLover182  +   1135d ago
Now that I think about it more, yeah it probably will be just as bad.
fei-hung  +   1135d ago
Disagreed since it is going to be worse.

RE6 went action instead of horror in terms of gameplay and feel.

DmC has gone from technically brilliant hack n slash to button mash, change of story, change of characters, change of history, change of everything that made DMC an awesome game.

It's not just about watering the game down for the mainstream, it has been watered down, pissed on, shat on and then had a dog eat up the mess and puke it out on a sidewalk which many journalists will claim is the best fertiliser ever made whilst others will see beyond smoke and mirrors and recognise and turd when they see it.
GenoZStriker  +   1135d ago
DmC is not going to be that game for Capcom. They have already alienated the fanbase as is. Regardless of how this game sells, it's too tainted. Capcom has to either release another sleeper hit like Dragon's Dogma or revitalize an old franchise that does extremely well. The whole Megaman X Street Fighter fan game thing was cute, but it didn't last long as the game was riddled with problem due to their old school design mentality and also the interested was just not there for how much it was hyped.
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cferretrun  +   1135d ago
I'm personally looking forward to it. :3 I've played all four of the original franchise titles. They were all very good games, but the writing was a little stiff and cheesy. I'm also not very good when it comes to hack and slashers, so I'm relieved the human level gameplay will be included even though everyone's hollering about broken too-easy gameplay. Man, in that demo I only got to a double s with difficulty. Que several comments about how a crappy gamer shouldn't be a gamer. Or something about Call of Duty. I'm sure there'll be colorful ones about what makes a true fan.
Crapcom this.. Tameem that.
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Yodagamer  +   1135d ago
Even if, this is an if, dmc does do very well and gets well received by fans, I don't think it's gonna make me, or anyone, trust capcom again. I have no doubt it's going to be a good game, a good dmc game? maybe not, but if it's a fun game i'm all for it.
PS4isKing_82  +   1135d ago
nope. this will sink them. capcom has sucked big time this gen. dmc4 and tatsunoku vs capcom have been pretty much the only good games they've made this entire gen.
hazardman  +   1135d ago
Played demo today and I will not be purchasing game. Its anything but DMC.
Hanso  +   1135d ago
agree same for me
smashman98  +   1135d ago
I said it right from the second game informer had shared the rumor in their issue some years back a DmC from ninja theory.... HELLZ YEA. Even after the first trailer when everyone was saying Idk idk. I said I know its gonna impress me. Even now a week and a half before release the vocal minority just won't let up. I understand there are a few who genuinely don't like the game. To you guys I honestly feel bad for but on the bright side those classics are always available and who knows old Dante may still return. But to the vocal minority who's just mad cuz they were wrong
It's a week away and the game is gonna sell like crazy. The reviews are comin In high just as expected and the gameplay is liked by most. And just as predicted many of you are saying things like the game isn't a bad game its a bad DMC game. I'm not even really adding anything to conversation but I can't wait for my disagrees. Fire away
Root  +   1135d ago
"The reviews are comin In high just as expected and the gameplay is liked by most"

and...the same happened with RE6, look what happened.

No ones wrong, the demo came out, it was terrible, thats all you need to know. You don't need a reviewer to tell you any differnt when you know theres a high chance they were told to right a good review.

It's time step down off your high horse.
smashman98  +   1134d ago
Do we live in the same universe re6 was slammed by the critics this will be adored. Praised. Worshiped? Yesssssss
Inception  +   1135d ago
The answer is NO. Sorry capcom, i will give my money for MGRising, GoW Ascension, Lord of Shadow 2, and Anarchy Reigns ^^
black911  +   1135d ago
Is it A PLaystation Exclusive?
lastnameiodfogewiuh   1135d ago | Spam
Tdmd  +   1135d ago
Since Capcom is so eager to catch a new fanbase, they should forget the old franchises that made it's name in the past and move along to new things all togehter. New IPs for a new audience, and maybe get some of their old fans back in the process. All they are achieving right now is to mess up with their main IPs and annoying their core fanbase...
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BlackWolf  +   1135d ago
My opinion on this games is somewhat mixed. As many have state here, it would not be a problem if it was a new IP. The thing is they took one of their core franchises and change it completely to match a new group of consumers. Of course this would hit hard the original fanbase; they basically destroyed the series they loved by adding a new entry that doesn't match what they used to see.

Someone commented on the original Vergil's accent. I see the DMC storyline more like your typical shonen manga. The fact that it was cheesy was on purpose. On the other side, DmC feels more like an attempt to make your average action fantasy movie, swearing included, trying to make it mature. This is damaging the image of the game, as is making it more generic, while it should be another kind of experience. You can add this the fact that NT has practically insulted the original fanbase in it's face.

My conclusion is that this game can be good, but the damage the development of this game has made will reflect on the sales.
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Feldman9000  +   1134d ago
The demo is epic
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1134d ago
I can't wait for this game to be released so these arguments could be done and over with. However, knowing the internet even after release no resolution shall be made because no one will take responsibility for being wrong in their predictions. It's just a shouting match between Anti and Pro with no side taking in any perspectives to have a better solution for what is truly more important.....the gaming community.

I think the more important thing that should be discussed is what ways Ninja Theory and Capcom has constructed this rift between Devil May Cry fans and what feedback should we give them to encourage more unity in the ranks for the next release (if there is a next one.)

I just have this nagging feeling if Ninja Theory began their DMC campaign in 2010 with :

"Hey, we know that with our technical expertise and art direction that we cannot deliver the same look and rush of excitement like past titles. However, if you are willing to give us a chance infuse our know how with your feedback that we will be able to birth a new universe within the franchise that captures your hearts through a different medium that may be more western but worthy of the title."

I think the reception would be leagues better than what it is now especially if Capcom actually gave them time to learn MT Framework.

I think no game or console should garner attention through causing fights amongst it's customers nowadays and game companies should watch what they say even if it was meant to be the joke because the days of friendly jabs ( Sega vs. Nintendo era) is gone. Journalists who also feed the flames deserve punishment as well.
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