The Walking Dead: The Game - Ep. 5 'No Time Left' Review | GameDynamo

GameDynamo - "In an episodic, character- and story-driven game such as this, the ending is without a doubt the most important part of the game. After watching the credits roll in Episode Five: No Time Left, we can safely say with pride (and a tear in our eyes) that this is one of the best games of 2012."

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Belking1935d ago

Loved episode 5. I still think there is a twist with what happens to the main character.

MizTv1935d ago

My favorite was part 3
But the whole game was badass

SAE1935d ago

Good game , i don't like zombies but im enjoying this because it have a story ..

my only problem with it is that it have problems in pc , it's hard to start the episodes , i just managed to start episode 2 and 3 , i hope i don't deal with any problem on episode 4 and 5 ...