Eurogamer: Hands-on gameplay capture from DmC

Yep, Ian's been playing a near-complete version of DmC: Devil May Cry, which is due out on PS3 and Xbox 360 on 15th January. You can check out several of his videos over on the Eurogamer YouTube channel and we will have more over the next couple of weeks, including a live stream. Here are some highlights, starting with the preview he put together before we broke up for the holidays:

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Godmars2901970d ago

Despite neutral tone of text, can't help but feel a bit of negativity given the thumb pic...

Also, a spoiler warning of some sort might be in order.

Hanso1969d ago

Just saw the leaked intro of DmC OMG it was so bad i felt embarrassed watching it!

Donte gots his dick licked by two chicks and later on fucks them in his Van
Also Mundus threatens the president on his mobile phone


DMC didnt deverve this
die NT/Crapcom

Ezz20131969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

so crapcom made DMC a cheap porn movie

Hanso1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Im not joking dude
the video got removed though
just watch on launch day a lets play video if you dont believe me


CrimsonDragon901969d ago

Dude your still butthurt over the new dmc. Get over it already. You sound like those whiny people. For someone who says he does not like the new dmc you sure spend your time reading new info of the game. If dmc is not your thing ok move on and quite bitching. your just proving your butthurt every time you complain.

Vandamme211969d ago

Exactly...his butthurt because the game is awesome.

Seraphemz1969d ago

Maybe he, like me, was a fan of the original...and doesnt like where the game has gone.

Root1969d ago

Lol I love how the game gets a few good reviews and its automatically good.

Something has obviously happened behind closed doors, the reviews contradicts the actual gameplay.

Remember RE6, first reviews were possistive and then the real reviews came out. However they need this to succeed and theres been too many defense articles latley....too suspicious in my opinion.

This whole thing stinks

Enemy1969d ago

Mundus: Yo prez I hope ur secret service around cuz u dead

If true, then LOL!

1969d ago
DestinyHeroDoomlord1969d ago

Isn't this dmc set in a parallel universe? Makes sense, you know... being different.

Elda1969d ago

Can't wait to play!!

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