That Killzone 2 E3 Video, And Looking Ahead To PlayStation 4

TSA: "Remember when we first saw those swirling vapour trails, dynamic animation and seemingly freeform progression as Sony first showed off Killzone 2 at E3, 2005? This was what the PlayStation 3 was capable of, apparently, and I for one was mesmerised, my attention locked for the whole two minutes."

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Root1995d ago

God, if they show off a controler like that which is the standard DS controler or if they have any Kinect/Move like stuff in the box then it's a no buy from me. I don't see the point in paying for a console when I'm going to be paying for stuff I don't want and not going to use.

I'd rather just have a normal controler, the wires/leads and my new console

GraveLord1995d ago

I'm sure you'll get a normal controller for both PS4/720. Can't guarantee Move/Kinect stuff won't be packed in though. The casual market is too big to ignore.

Root1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

I don't mind if it's well after the consoles come out, I just don't want them wasting there time on making next gen about casuals aswell when they can start focusing more on us and our needs.

We're the ones who will buy it day one, the ones who will buy the best stuff for it and the exclusives that come out for that console. The casuals will just buy it to play a few games of Move/Kinect crap to kill time then thats it so whats the point developing a new console around them. I;d rather see them making the best console they can not dumb things down for the casuals.

Seriously they are killing this industry, it's the reason why so many games we once loved are getting sequels which are dumbed down or have become..."accessible& quot ;. Hate to think what Elder Scrolls 6 will be like :|

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LOGICWINS1995d ago

I don't understand why people automatically assume that Move only caters to casuals. One could argue that its more hardcore than the DS3 as far as shooters are concerned. Sharpshooter provides a whole different level of challenge/immersion. It makes shooters harder because suddenly your using your entire upper body to get headshots as opposed to just your hands.

TheGamerDood1995d ago

Why do you care what it looks like and who are you trying to impress? It's absolutely idiotic to think that someone would pass up on a console simply because the controller doesn't look pretty. And those drawings are for the sake of the patent and are not indicative of the final design of the product.

BitbyDeath1995d ago

I agree with Logic,
Until Dawn is a perfect example of a non-casual move game.

Root1995d ago


Who says there not going to buy it because it's dosent look "pretty" I would buy it if it was a Move hybrid or if it feature gimmicks like motion controls on the standard controler

Next time read through someones comment before posting.

deadpoole1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

If PSVita is any indication for what holds in future for next gen is the controller style.

DualShock4 most probably will have touchpad if not touchscreen (like Wii U Controller). One of the reason I believe PS3 Controller is not able to be used with PSVita (like you can with PSPGo) is because, first the obvious reasons (touchpad and touchscreen), second I believe PS4 DS4 Controller will provide required number of interfaces (buttons/touchX) and will be connectable with PSVita ... which PS3 controller is unable to suffice atm.

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Thatguy-3101995d ago

I'm pretty sure the control won't look like that. That patent was a while back before the move controller came out or was shown. Have no idea why people are questioning now.

bunfighterii1995d ago

I hate motion control but as long as its optional and I can still use a traditional dual shock then ill still buy PS4.

Crazyglues1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Wait before we go any further I have to talk about that killzone concept video... that was so crazy, the game turned out to look nothing like that.. LoL

(the game turned out to look much better, but why did they even make a CGI fake) so misleading..

Oh and before i go any further this is the best fan made killzone video I have ever seen go watch it right now -

Awesome video if your a fan of the game..

but yeah that render, Reminds me of how Motorstorm got in-trouble with there target render, which was nothing like the actual Game.. Nothing like it.. LoL

Please Sony Don't do that again.. Show actual game-play...from the actual game...


Psychonaughty1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Lol you think the game looked better than the cgi trailer... I figured some fanboys would still be in denial...Also Sony had to show target footage (as misleading as it was) because the game would of been very early in development duh!

Crazyglues1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

@ Psychonaughty

Yeah, I didn't mean it the way it sounds, Maybe I didn't state it clearly...

I meant the CGI in the game turned out to be far better then the CGI target render, which again just makes me wonder why they even used it, because it's not close to the actual Games engine..

here look at the opening of the game -

this is what I was talking about looking better in the game..

And I hated killzone 2, the whole game made me dizzy, it wasn't until Killzone 3 that I was even able to play it, so I'm far from a fanboy..

and of course it's early in development but use the game's engine to make the CGI like God Of War III or The Last Of Us so at least it represents the actual game. That's all I was saying


Knight_Crawler1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Not sure how I feel about graphics looking anymore real...I am old school and hate watching HD movies with the motion blur turned on - its like watching the news and takes away from the movie expreinace,same goes for games.

mcstorm1995d ago

Why are some people stuck in the past? If the next ps comes with move and next xbox comes with kinect it means more developers will use the tech fpr there games instead of making it an addon to a game.

I think wii mote move and kinect have been good for the console business as they have opened the door to everyone to play games. I mean come on we have not been short of AAA games this gen and why dose gaming have to be about the core? Gaming is for everyone and as long as the core gets there core games and none core gets fun games they like its a win win for everyone.

Root1995d ago

Gaming isn't for everyone

Real gamers don't need gimmicks shoved down their throat to like games, they become gamers because they are actualy interested in them.

Look at all the things this gen held back or dumbed down because of the casual audience. They ruin things

Lvl_up_gamer1995d ago

@ Root

"Real gamers don't need gimmicks shoved down their throat to like games"

I agree, real gamers are open to new gaming experiences and don't bash on something just because developers want to try something different in how games are played.

If it wasn't for the casuals, there wouldn't be a market for consoles. Casuals greatly have outnumber the hardcore on consoles every generation.

You shouldn't be so negative towards the casuals, they helped the industry get to this stage in gaming.

mcstorm1995d ago

@Root Ok so by what your saying real Gamers don't play on consoles as its the same hardware for 5 to 8 years so gaming is held back. PC must be the only place where real gamers are as they have nothing holding them back?

Come on get real. How do you expect the next core to get into gaming if its not open to everyone. Also what do you class as a Core game? By your comment it needs Guns?

Core gamers play all types of games not just one with guns and killing people.

If I look at my collection of games I have MarioU, ZombieU, Sonic All stars, COD BO2, Halo 4 Forza 4, Forza Horizon, Alan Wake, Fifa 13, NHL 13, GT5, Resistance BS, NFS HP, PS All stars, LBP, Kinect Sports, Dance Central to just name a few and there is a mix of all types of games there.

Also who says that a games console has to be for the core only? I don't know how old you are but if you had kids or younger brothers would you not play games with them?

This industry is now massive and that is because of the none core and Core if it was just the core who bought consoles we would see this gen being dominated by one console like the last 2 gens where its been a very good one for all 3 and for me that is what I want to see as having 3 consoles doing well is better for all of us no matter what type of gamer you are.

Godz Kastro1995d ago

If people continue to think like this the industry will never move forward. 100 yrs from now we will still be using dual shocks. :/

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1995d ago

" don't see the point in paying for a console when I'm going to be paying for stuff I don't want and not going to use. "

That is inevitable. It's not like a pc you customize for yourself consoles are an everything for everyone in a box.

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remanutd551995d ago

Motorstorm World Tour as ps4 launch title sony, thats all im asking at this moment.

VonBraunschweigg1995d ago

And raw like the first one, imo still the best. Played them all, loved only one. To the death, untill the servers went down:(

Once in a while I still try to go online, hoping for that one lobby filled with the Gods and Legends that mattered back in the days, rallying for hours on Grizzly, through the Gulch, on and off Mesa...

Good times!

FunAndGun1995d ago

Your passion for the Motorstorm series is unparalleled and I think its awesome!!

I expect to see you asking for Motorstorm: Planetary Meltdown when PS5 releases. :)

remanutd551995d ago

to the majority of playstation fans Uncharted, little big planet or inFAMOUS are the best new IPs sony created this generation, To me that title belongs to Motorstorm!!!!!!! my favorite franchise created this generation.
Motorstorm: Planetary Meltdown on ps5 LMAO, Lunatics from the future Unite!!!!

MrBeatdown1995d ago

I would love this. I wasn't a big fan of Apocalypse, but I loved the first one and Pacific Rift (even got the platinum for it). To me, the series is at its best when it's pure racing. I loved the environmental chaos in Split/Second, but it just didn't click with me in Apocalypse.

I hope they drop the story aspects too and go back to the straightforward style of the first two... Mud, crash, and rednecks.

It sucks that racers have such a hard time standing out in the current market. Hopefully Sony sees the opportunity to put the spotlight on MotorStorm in the PS4's early years before the market gets too crowded again.

It would make a great showcase title too. MotorStorm was the first game I played for the PS3 on a demo kiosk back before PS3 launched. Seeing a truck explode in front of me then fly over the top of mine was just amazing at the time.

remanutd551995d ago

I want Evo to create the most adrenaline pumping, brutal motorstorm game to date, with settings from all over the world like snow, desert, rain, island, water, cockpit view, insane AI and all about racing once more.
if you still play Apocalypse add me so we can race, my psn id: remanutd5

1995d ago
Septic1995d ago

Good article. Here's hoping it's real time too. No reason why it can't be. Killzone 4 with next gen tech would have everyone in awe. Imagine, life like water physics, lots of particle effects, highley detailed characters and environments etc.

We need something in the A.I department too to go with all the visual prowess. Can't wait!

Gorbenshore1995d ago

I agree. The next playstation should definitely pull it off

THC CELL1995d ago

forget ai on ps4 i want the lAst of us to give us a litttle tease first

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