MiiVerse Is The Wii U's Secret Killer App explains why MiiVerse is one of the Wii U's most important features and deserves more attention.

Dealspwn writes: "Though it failed to light up the UK charts since November 30th, the Wii U has definitely become a talking point. Pundits, developers and gamers are obsessed with its power and specifications; arguing about whether it has enough grunt to be considered a next-gen console. We've been talking about the excellent Gamepad peripheral and how it could potentially lead to some revolutionary games. We've praised the launch lineup - which includes the excellent NSMBU and ZombiU - but complained that Nintendo's new console doesn't yet have a clear killer app.

What most people haven't been talking about, however, is MiiVerse."

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SIANSLOW2145d ago

I have to say that MiiVerse is a really nice place to be and some of the drawing is absolutely amazing

wiiulee2145d ago

miiverse is absolutely fantastic......then again all wiiu's features are incredible, nintendo need to do some quick tuning up because we're already know the followers will be copying everything about the wiiu soon.

Riderz13372144d ago

You had a great comment up until the last couple of words...why would you do that?

Theyellowflash302144d ago

Microsoft and Sony will do something like MiiVerse though. PlayStation Home came first, but its a little to much for its own good. I don't need second life. I just need a place to post and check out the communities of my favorite games. Which MiiVerse does very well.

metroid322144d ago

Chillout stop sticking up for Sony their doing everything wrong at the moment.

Kos-Mos2144d ago

Because Nintendo innovates while the other companies copies like every generation.

Drainage2145d ago (Edited 2145d ago )

Yea its great but I hope they can do more with it. Its basically gonna be the Nintendo Fan Art gallary and will eventually get old if they dont update it with more game features. I like the ability to help others in games like ZombiU but most games arent that hard so we wont always have that. The NSMBU in-game thing is cool too.

exfatal2145d ago

this is one of the biggest reasons i want to get a Wii U so earlier so i can establish my place in the Nintendo community asap. This is definitely Wii U's killer app imho.

WeAreLegion2144d ago

Your place in the Nintendo community? I'm not sure I follow...

exfatal2144d ago

as in joining the forums and start posting and making friends and such.. what was there not to understand? :S

WeAreLegion2143d ago


Join forums. Make friends.

That has nothing to do with the Wii U. Just go join forums.

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The story is too old to be commented.